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Farmers Urged To Adopt Ridge Seeding Technique For Paddy Sowing

The ridge seeding technique not only reduces the quantity of water required for paddy farming but also reduces stubble-burning practices, while also increasing the yield.

Binita Kumari
Image for representation
Image for representation

Divisional Commissioner Chander Gaind encouraged all farmers in the state to use the ridge seedling technique for paddy sowing instead of the traditional practice of flooding to conserve the state's depleting subsurface water table

He said that not only would it save lakhs of gallons of water, but it would also increase yield and lower input costs. He made the statement today at a district-level awareness program held at the office of the Chief Agriculture Officer in Ludhiana. MLA Gurpreet Bassi Gogi and Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma joined him.

Progressive Farmer Surjeet Singh Sadhugarh, a Prime Minister Awardee who has been successfully using this strategy for many years, also addressed the farmers. Gaind said that farmer Surjeet Singh proposed the method of ridge farming, which involves direct paddy transplantation on the ridges rather than across the entire area.

He claims that this technique not only reduces the quantity of water required for paddy farming but also reduces stubble-burning practices, as well as increases the yield.

 During the event, a video of techniques such as direct paddy sowing was also screened.

The divisional commissioner further said that the progressive farmers' in-situ management practices would be shown on giant display screens at grain markets in all districts of Patiala division. He explained that the goal of displaying these practices at grain markets was to encourage farmers to follow in the footsteps of progressive farmers, hence helping to conserve water and protect the environment.

Gaind said that several development blocks in the state have been classified as dark zones in terms of groundwater usage, shedding light on the present water table in the state.

As a result, it became imperative to take considerable steps toward water conservation through these methods. He also praised the work of farmers such as Surjeet Singh Sadhugarh, who are making significant contributions to environmental protection and water conservation through sophisticated farming practices, and urged all farmers to follow suit.


He urged agriculture department staff to use massive awareness campaigns to guide and motivate farmers.

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