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Government to Ban 6 more Pesticides from December 31

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Following up on the advice of an expert committee, the Center has prohibited utilization of 12 pesticides with immediate effect from 8th August 2020 and gave orders for forbidding six others from December 31, 2020 as their utilization is risky for people and animals. 

Banned pesticides in India

Here’s a list of banned pesticides in the country;

Banned as of 8th August 2020: 

- Benomyl 

- Carbaryl 

- Diazinon 

- Fenarimol 

- Fenthion 

- Linuron 

- Methoxy Ethyl Mercury Chloride 

- Methyl Parathion 

- Sodium Cyanide 

- Thiometon 

- Tridemorph 

- Trifluralin 

Will be banned from 31 December, 2020: 

- Alachlor 

- Dichlorvos 

- Phorate 

- Phosphamidon 

- Triazophos 

- Trichlorfon 

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