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Madhya Pradesh Government Plans Branding of Jabalpuri Matar

The Horticulture and Food Processing Department is getting the registration done for the branding of Green Peas in Jabalpur district. Its logo has also been prepared in the name of 'Jabalpuri Matar', which will be put on the bag of peas supplied from here.

Ayushi Raina
green peas
Green Peas

The Horticulture and Food Processing Department is registering Green Peas for branding in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. It has also created a logo in the name of 'Jabalpuri Matar,' which will be placed on the bag of peas delivered from here.

Every year, around 30 thousand hectares of peas are grown in Jabalpur, from which more than 2 lakh 40 thousand metric tonnes are produced and a turnover of 400 crores is generated. 

 Green peas are sold in various states around the country, but it is not currently recognized.  It is bundled in sacks and transported out of town. It then travels to the mandis and then to the marketplaces. However, attempts are being undertaken to provide it with a new identity. 

Selection via ODOP 

The district government has chosen 'Green Peas' as the One District One Product (ODOP) under Atma Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh. It will be branded as a result of this. 

Maa Narmada will be addressed as an appeal in the logo that is currently being created. 

The appeal's tagline would be "Jabalpuri peas irrigated by Maa Narmada's sacred water." Green peas will also be included. Farmers in the region are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this high-profitable commodity in a short period of time. During the rainy season, many farmers leave their fields uncultivated for one to two months.  

According to officials, farmers in this area sell green peas worth around Rs.400 crore each year. It is available in Madhya Pradesh areas, as well as Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, and many other South Indian states. 

It is then processed and sold to major countries. 

According to Dr. Neha Patel, Deputy Director of the Jabalpur Horticulture Department, registration is being done for branding of green peas under one district one product. It will be a registered trademark. This will be put to the bag of peas as a tag. This procedure is nearing completion. 

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