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NABARD supports entrepreneurs! Agri-Clinics & Agri-Business Centres schemes for establishing Agri-Enterprises

Hitul Awasthi
Hitul Awasthi

The scheme provides support to the agri-preneurs for establishing Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres all over the country with an aim to support agriculture development and supplement efforts of public extension.

Agri Clinics

They provide advice and services to farmers on various technologies including soil health, cropping practices, plant protection, crop insurance, post harvest technologies and clinical services for animals, feed and fodder management etc., with an aim to enhance crop productivity and income for farmers.

Agri-Business Centres

These units undertake activities like maintenance and custom hiring of farm equipment, sale of inputs and other services in agriculture and allied sector, market linkages and post harvest management.

Eligibility for the Scheme

The benefits of the scheme can be availed by person from age group between 18 to 60 yearsn having following qualification:

1. Graduates in agriculture and allied subjects like Horticulture, Sericulture, Dairy, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Home/Community Science, Biotechnology, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Food Technology, Food Nutrition and Dietetics etc., and graduates from Environmental Science, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from an institution recognized by ICAR/UGC

2. Individuals with Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma in Agriculture and allied subjects from SAUs, State Agriculture or Technical Education Departments

3. Post graduates in Agriculture and allied subjects

4. Degree courses with UGC accreditation, having around 60 percent course content related to agriculture and allied subjects

5. A graduate in biological sciences from recognized colleges, with Diploma/ Post graduate Diploma consisting more than 60 percent course content in agriculture and allied subjects

6. Agriculture courses at intermediate level, with atleast 55% marks

Technology partner for the scheme

The necessary training programme will be organized and coordinated by the National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE), with an aim to generate quality agriculture professionals in the country. MANAGE will select and enlist the Nodal Training Institutes (NTIs) for providing training to eligible candidates.

National Bank for Rural and Agriculture Development (NABARD) will provide the necessary financial outlays for the smooth execution of the scheme.

Some Business ideas that can avail benefits under ACABC Scheme

1. Extension consultancy services

2. Soil and water quality cum inputs testing laboratories

3. Crop protection services, including pest surveillance, diagnostic and control services (with culture rooms, autoclaves, microscopes, ELISA Kits etc .for detection of plant pathogens including viruses, fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and insect pests)

4. Micro-propagation including plant tissue culture labs and hardening units

5. Production, maintenance and custom hiring of agricultural implements and machinery including micro irrigation systems

6. Seed production and processing units

7. Vermiculture units

8. Production of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides & other bio-control agents

9. Apiaries (bee-keeping) and honey & bee products' processing units

10. Agricultural insurance services

11. Agri tourism

12. Agri journalism – film production, farm publications and exhibitions

13. Poultry and fishery hatcheries

14. Livestock health cover, veterinary dispensaries & services including frozen semen banks and liquid nitrogen supply and artificial insemination

15. Feed production, marketing and testing units

16. Value addition centres

17. Mushroom production

18. Cool chain including cold storage units

19. Post harvest management centres for sorting, grading, standardization, storage and packaging; Metallic and non-metallic storage structures.

20. Horticulture clinic, nursery, landscaping, floriculture

21. Sericulture

22. Vegetable production and marketing

23. Retail marketing outlets for processed agri-products

24 Production and marketing of farm inputs & outputs

25. Contract farming

26. Crop production and demonstration

27. Production, processing and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants

28. Production units like dairy, poultry, piggery, fisheries, sheep rearing, goat rearing, emu rearing, rabbit rearing etc


Training modules under the ACABC scheme will provide the necessary expertise to the agripreneur for setting up an enterprise. After successful completion of the training, an agripreneur can apply for loan in bank. With a moratorium of up to two years, the loans under this scheme can be repaid within a period of 5 to 10 years. Sanctioning of loan from the concerned bank will be on the basis of the techno-economic viability of the project.    

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