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Over 500 farmers benefitted through farmer training initiatives by Nouriture in one month

KJ Staff
KJ Staff
Farmer Meeting
Farmer Meeting

Livestock rearing and consumption of animal products make an extremely important contribution to the economic and nutritional wellbeing of thousands of people around the world. Livestock feed plays an important role in the global food industry and it is the largest and most important component to ensure a safe, abundant and affordable animal protein. 

Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd. ventured into the livestock feed industry nearly two decades back and recently launched its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture to meet the growing challenge of quality feeds in the market. The realization that to survive one needs to evolve, prompted the company to initiate Nouriture- a more forward looking, technology driven, future-ready and contemporary brand that can meet the needs of the livestock farmers of today and tomorrow and ensure a niche and need for itself in the market. Nouriture is focused on empowering farmers by educating them and providing solutions tailored to their problems. It is driven to help farmers to accept modern farming techniques and usage of compound feed. 

Owing to their aim of educating the farmers, Nouriture recently arranged several farmer initiatives in the state of Bihar. Rohtas, Muzaffarpur, Sitamari and Saharsa were the districts where the programmes were conducted for the farmer training. There was a participation of more than 50 farmers in each event. Nouriture has also organized similar farmer empowering initiatives in the states of UP, Orissa and Assam and through their endeavours have been successful in providing more than 500 farmers with better knowledge and techniques of the sector.  

Speaking on the initiative, Managing Director of Anmol Feeds, Amit Saraogi said, “Nouriture is focused on the well-being and success of the farmers. It is driven to propel the livestock feed industry towards growth and introduce modern techniques for the overall progress and survival of the industry. Anmol Feeds had set up its first manufacturing unit in Muzaffarpur, Bihar and hence it is one of our goals to significantly sustain and modernize the livestock sector in the state of Bihar. Fisheries sector has an important role in overall development of Bihar. Despite abundant aquatic resources, fish supply is short of demand in the State of Bihar. Development of the resources with the adoption of the available technologies can bridge this gap, by at least doubling the production from the present level of 2.6 lakh tonnes. Anmol Feeds is committed to the welfare of farmers who form the backbone of the socio-economic growth of the country. We have a vision to train the farmers to their fullest potential for progress, growth and maximum profit. These farmer meetings are a steppingstone towards achieving that objective.” 

Aquaculture in India is an important economic activity and a flourishing sector with varied resources and potentials. Aquaculture is one of the most important potential sectors of Indian economy. Fisheries alone has employed 145 million people and contributed to 1.07% of the GDP and generated export earnings of Rs 334.41 billion as per a recent estimate of National Fisheries Development Board. It is important for those involved with the sector to remain constantly abreast of the newest global advancements. Keeping this thought in mind, Anmol Feeds held one of their farmer meeting session in Saharsa, Bihar. Present in the meeting were Mr. Saket Mishra, District officer Fisheries and Animal Husbandry World Bank and Mr. Manoranjan Kumar Singh, Fisheries officer, DFO Saharsa. 78 active fish farmers and representatives of the Matasya jiwi Sahyog Samiti attended the meeting. The main agenda of the meeting was to educate fish farmers on how aquaculture can become an immense profit generator and its role in providing livelihood opportunities. The experts present in the meeting also stressed upon how to start a fish farming business and guidelines to follow for a profitable & sustainable farming business. 

Farmer Siddharth from Bangaon Uttari, Sitamarhi, Bihar, added, “I am into the occupation of fish farming in an area of 1.5 acres for the last 8 years. Earlier I used traditional feed for my farming, but for the last 6 months, I am using Matsya Bandhu floating fish feed from Nouriture. My fishes which earlier averaged 0.25 – 0.3 Kg during harvesting now have an excellent average body weight of 1 Kg. I believe that with the application of correct knowledge fish culture will have tremendous opportunities in the future.”  

In their two-decade old journey Anmol Feeds have strived to change the narrative of the feed industry by bringing in modern cutting edge technologies, innovative practices and policies for improved feeding, livestock health care, management and trade. The importance of upskilling of farmers has been one of their core objectives, training them to use modern technology for maximum output which can benefit both the farmer and the country at large. Nouriture by Anmol Feeds is dedicated to lead its organization goals in a direction that will be instrumental in the development of the nation. The mission is maximising utilization of resources which can fetch prosperity for the state and provide employment within the state.

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