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Pakistan's Farmers Group Calls Upon Army to Address Food & Fertilizer Crises

According to the Pakistan-based Dawn newspaper, a farmers' association has urged the army to collaborate with them to address the country's food & fertilizer issues.

Shivam Dwivedi
Pakistan's Farmers Group Calls Upon Army to Address Food & Fertilizer Crises
Pakistan's Farmers Group Calls Upon Army to Address Food & Fertilizer Crises

Pakistan Kissan Ittehad president Khalid Khokhar stated in a statement that the Pakistan Army, like the militaries of China, Korea, and Israel, should play a role in revitalizing the agriculture sector by bringing uncultivated territories under crop and livestock production.

According to Dawn, he stated that the army had remained involved in relief activities during natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, and locust control, as well as canal desilting, in reference to the army's role in assisting communities in Balochistan, particularly the Mirani Dam Command area development.

He proposed that the military become more proactive. Red Lantern Analytics recently hosted a webinar titled "Pakistan's Food Crisis: Causes, Effects, and Next Steps." The webinar's expert speaker was Marium Kamal, Assistant Professor CSAS, University of Punjab, Pakistan.

Dr. Marium Kamal stated during the webinar that she did a little poll with her students in different districts of Pakistan concerning food availability, and the results revealed that food is plentiful but costs are out of control. Inflation, she said, is a major problem in Pakistan.

According to the press release, Dr. Marium Kamal discussed food security challenges in Pakistan from both an external and internal perspective.

According to her, the following external factors are affecting Pakistan's food security: the world has yet to fully recover from the post-pandemic situation, Russia-Ukraine tensions have disrupted food supply chains, and Pakistan is experiencing climate change impacts such as floods, heat waves, and drought from season to season.

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