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Rise in Temperature Might Hit Wheat Yield in Punjab, Warn Agriculture Experts

The rising temperature has the potential to ruin the wheat yield for this season as the grains mature early in high temperature.

Binita Kumari
Wheat Fields of Punjab
Wheat Fields of Punjab

Farmers across the state of Punjab are concerned as the day and night temperatures have been rising in recent days, potentially reducing wheat yield this season. 

Moreover, some farmers stated that their power supply was inconsistent and insufficient. 

It's worth noting that the wheat has to be irrigated at this point of the crop cycle.

Wheat harvesting usually begins around Baisakhi in mid-April, however, because of the increase in temperature, wheat grains will mature earlier, resulting in a lower yield.

Farmers were expecting a good crop until a few days ago because the weather was favorable.

It was predicted that the temperature in March would be normal.

A farmer named Avtar Singh stated, "Wheat crops require water due to a sudden increase in temperature, but the power utility is unable to provide the sufficient and consistent electricity to run the tube wells. In this regard, we recently blocked Fazilka-Delhi Road in Lambi. The wheat harvest will be affected if the weather remains the same."

Gurpreet Singh, Muktsar's Chief Agriculture Officer, said, "The temperature has suddenly risen, which is bad news for the wheat crop. It has the potential to reduce wheat grain weight and production. There's no need to be concerned if the weather changes in the coming days."

According to him, the optimum temperature for the wheat crop at this stage ranges from 11 to 28 degrees Celsius, while temperatures have ranged from 20 to 33 degrees Celsius. 

Last year, the average wheat output in the state was 48.68 quintal per hectare.

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