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Sea Water Converted To Drinkable Water Using a Nano-Filter Made From Cow Manure

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Drinking Water

Researchers have devised a method for making seawater drinkable using cow manure, which offers an environmentally responsible solution to the world's water woes.

The procedure, which was developed by Northeastern University researchers, begins with the collection of fresh cow manure from farms. This dung is then treated by blasting it with high-intensity heat up to 1700 degrees Celsius. Any bacteria in the manure is destroyed by the extreme heat.

This method also transforms the manure into a carbon powder, which the researchers use to create a foam that filters the salt out of the ocean water. The filter does not require electricity to operate; simply shining sunlight on it initiates the process, and it quickly begins to work its magic.

Zheng, an associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at Northeastern University, is constantly on the lookout for new ways to make something useful out of natural materials. Zheng wasn't sure what useful thing he could build from dung just yet, but he was confident that the material had potential. And there would be plenty of it to go around.

According to Yi Zheng, a professor at Northeastern University, traditional desalination systems demand expensive ingredients and aren't actually a sustainable solution. It's also more energy-intensive because it uses a lot of electricity.

The new approach developed by Zheng and his team, on the other hand, not only uses significantly less energy, but it also reduces salt concentrations more effectively, surpassing industry requirements set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

As per Zheng, this might provide local groups the ability to create their own desalination systems, allowing drinking water to reach more corners of the globe.

"You can't just build a nano-fabrication facility in a small village or town," he added, "but people can readily collect dung from a local farm and burn it." As a result, the utilisation of manure and tree leaves makes it more accessible."

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