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Sweet Initiative; Chemical-free Jaggery Production

The initiative has been taken by JSS RISDC and eSamudaay to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and farmers in Chamarajanagar to produce chemical-free jaggery

Sangeeta Soni
Chemical-free jaggery production
Chemical-free jaggery production

JSS Rural Incubation Skill and Development Centre (JSS RISDC) and eSamudaay, the Bengaluru based commerce platform has taken the initiative to collaborate with local entrepreneurs and farmers in Chamarajanagar to produce chemical-free jaggery.  

This initiative will work as a push to scale up the local businesses, and rural entrepreneurship with digital and technological intervention, and will generate employment. 

JSS RISDC and eSamudaay have already spotted the producers. As per the information, there were more than 100 traditional jaggery production units, called aalemanes, located in and around the Chamarajanagr district, and most of them used techniques that were unsafe, unhygienic, labor-intensive and the jaggery produced may be harmful if consumed.  

The aim is to restore the traditional jaggery-producing units, aalemanes. And to ensure that the produce is chemical-free as there is a great demand for such jaggery in the market.  

The release stated that it will also help bring in the practices and help producers connect with wholesalers and retailers.  

To begin this initiative, JSS RISDC conducted a two-week workshop with these aalemane operators and map out an action plan. 

The plan involves the expulsion of chemicals from the production process for safety and hygiene, and product innovation to make it suitable for consumers.  

And not only this, the release also stated that eSamudaay, along with an AI-enabled technology platform, SolutionBuggy, will develop the best practices and will introduce experts to help the jaggery producers innovate and sell their products to wider and discreet markets. eSamudaay will also help with go-to-market strategies for these products, and the sample bars of 200 kg jaggery have already been received. 

With the escalation in the production, eSamudaay will connect the producers with merchants and grocers in its network.  

In addition, the future plan is to link more producer circles including jackfruit, fish, arecanut in the upcoming year.  

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