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Why Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are Destroying Soyabean Crops

Due to the continuous rains in Mandasur, Madhya Pradesh, soyabean crops have been damaged. Hence now farmers are also destroying their soyabean crops because they do not contain legumes in Gudbheli Badi village.

Ayushi Raina
Soyabean Crop

Due to the continuous rains in Mandasur, Madhya Pradesh, soyabean crops have been damaged. Hence now farmers are also destroying their soyabean crops because they do not contain legumes in Gudbheli Badi village. 

After receiving the information, the Congress President of Malhargarh Block, Anil Sharma, Vice President Ajit Kumth and other party members rushed to the village. Congress leaders then informed the District Collector Manoj Pushp and Sub-Divisional Officer Roshni Patidar on phone about the crop situation. 

Farmers in the area, including the villages of BarujnaHarsolKachanaraSabukhedi, Fatehpur and Chhoti Gudhbeli are witnessing from excessive rainfall. 

Manish Patel, a farmer from Gudbheli Badi village, destroyed his soybean crops on his 10 bighas. He said he spent thousands of rupees on them to increase production. But for the third year in a row, his hopes were shattered. 

Due to high moisture in the fields this year, soybean production cannot be ruled out completely. Growers told Congress leaders that 5 to 6 bags of soybean used to be produced in 1 bigha, this time the production was less than half.

Crops were destroyed by tractors and rotavator 

Due to never-ending rains, the legumes on soybean plants are very small. Besides, the outbreak of yellow mosaic disease, caterpillars and other insects have also damaged the crops completely. The farmers have now started destroying their crops with rotavators and tractors. Ashok Patidar has destroyed his crop of 5 bighas land and in Badi Gudbheli farmer Manish Patel destroyed his soybean crop sown of ten bighas by tractor.

Request for immediate compensation 

The Congress President of the Malhargarh Block, Anil Sharma, has asked administration that between 70 and 80% of the soybean crop in the region has been destroyed by relentless rains, insects and caterpillars attacks. In view of this situation, the government should investigate immediately and compensate farmers immediately. 

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