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Your Food is Becoming Expensive as Onion, Tomato and Potato Prices Soar

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni

Prices of vegetables have started touching the sky in the country. Onion, the most common vegetable in Indian kitchens, now costs Rs. 50 per kg and tomato, also one of the most common vegetables in Indian kitchens, now costs Rs. 80 per kg. 

Vegetable prices are increasing rapidly these days, and the common man has no choice for what to do, as these vegetables are daily needs. In such a situation, it is becoming very difficult for common people to manage their kitchen budget.

Onion-Tomato prices rise

The price of onions has reached up to Rs. 50 per kg. And tomato prices are between Rs. 75-80. And it’s becoming very heavy on common people. And cauliflower, the winter vegetable, has arrived in the market, but presently being sold at a price of around Rs. 100 for a kg.

Potatoes have also become expensive

Potatoes are being sold at the price of 35-40 Rs. per kg. It has become a big question for housewives, which vegetables to choose to maintain both budget and taste, as common vegetables like potato, tomato, and onion are becoming this much costly. And if talking about hilly potatoes, they are even costlier, prices starting from Rs. 40 for a kg.

Talking about cheaper vegetables, then gourd is one of the cheaper vegetables whose prices are not changed, it still costs around 30-40 Rs. per kg. And ridge gourd (torai) and apple gourd’s (tinda) prices are also not much changed. And one more less eaten vegetable, taro (arbi) is also available at cheaper rates.

The condition of the fruit market is also almost same; people are not getting fruits also at cheaper rates. Banana is available for 50-60 rupees, after the arrival of guava, its prices are expected to reduce but still available between the price range of 40 to 60 rupees. And apple, its price is around Rs. 80 to Rs. 150, depending upon the quality.

Yesterday’s Inflation Data

Yesterday, inflation data has been seen to rise rapidly, and it mostly due to the increase in the costs of food items. And it clear that the rapid increase in food item’s prices is causing huge problems for the people, and in this corona period, it is becoming even more problematic.

Source- ABPlive

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