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5 Fruits and Veggies that can attract more Bees & Butterflies to Your Garden

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Bees & Butterflies to Your Garden

Want to attract more Bees & Butterflies into your Garden? Today, I would like to tell you about some fruits and vegetables that can do miracles in your garden by attracting a good number of bees and butterflies. As bees pollinate a third of what we eat and play an essential role in sustaining the planet’s ecosystems.

Five Fruits & Veggies that attract more Bees & Butterflies

Here’s a list of those fruits and veggies that can attract more bees and butterflies in the garden:


Bumblebees visit more frequently flowers than other pollinators, and facing no difficulty in the extraction of nectar from blueberry flowers with their long tongues. This is crucial as the corolla of the blueberry flower is bell-shaped. Therefore, that insect has to push its tongue between the filament of the anthers to reach it as the nectar is secreted at the base of the style.


Pollinators, especially Honey bees, love fruit trees. China is the world’s largest apple producer followed by the USA, Turkey, Italy and France. To fulfill the demand of world in today’s time, Cross- pollination in Apple is essential. And for this to happen the role of Bees are crucial. By planting apple tree, we can enhance the chances of bee visit. 


Cucumbers are good option for cooling down in hot summer months. Their cool, fresh flavor and crunchy bite not only make them a popular addition to salads, sandwiches but also attracts bees. Also, without bees, majority of cucumber yields would be nonexistent. It is also suggested that the beehive bed be kept at the level of the top of vegetables. There must be sufficient space for bees to move around. Also we should put water in plates at the ground between vegetables for bees to drink from. 


Generally, we see pumpkin pollinators are ground-nesting bees. The female bee gathers pollen and nectar from cucurbit flowers (like squash and pumpkins). These bees are active very early in the morning with activity diminishing by midmorning.  


A perfectly ripened strawberry attracts large numbers of bees and butterflies. Strawberry’s flavor and sweetness are mostly due to pollination. For good development, strawberry needs approx 21 visits from bees. A single strawberry, can have 400-500 seeds sitting on its surface. So regular visit of bees and butterflies further promotes pollination.  

From centuries, pollination has been provided by Nature. But now, as farm fields have become bigger, and the use of agricultural chemicals has increased enormously, evidence from many regions highlights that the populations of pollinators are declining. So raise awareness about the importance of pollinators!  

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