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7 Essential Gardening Supplies

This artcile lists the essential tool you need for you garden. It includes the following tools: trowel, spade, gloves, hoe, rake, watering can and pruning shears.

Binita Kumari
Agriculture Tools
Agriculture Tools

If you are new to gardening and own only a handful of potted plants, then the regular hand tools are enough to take care of your little garden. However, if you are planning rows of plants in your backyard, you will need more than just a few hand tools to take care of the plants. Here is a list of essential garden tools you need for your garden to thrive! 


Gardening is fun until the thorns and branches start scratching your hands. Gloves provide much-needed protection and keep your hands clean. Pick out your gardening gloves carefully. Gardening gloves shouldn’t be heavy. It should fit your hands to avoid blisters o the gloves slipping off of your hands. Go for gloves made of fabric that is water-resistant but also comfortable to wear. Gloves with longer cuffs should be preferred as the soil wouldn’t get inside the gloves and they protect your forearms as well. 


Trowels are essentially handheld shovels. They are one of the most used and important tools for gardening. You can use a trowel to dig, mix fertilizer, remove weed, and more. You can choose between broad-bladed trowels (easier for scooping up a huge amount of soil) or narrow-bladed trowels (easier for picking out and removing weeds). Go for trowels made of stainless steel as they are more durable as compared to plastic ones. 

Pruning or Garden Shears 

Pants tend to get out of shape all the time and need trimming from time to time. Pruning shears, also known as secateurs look like scissors but they are stronger as they need to cut through twigs and branches that are even 2.5 cm thick. Ratcheting pruners are good for people with arthritis or reduced hand strength as they provide extra cutting strength. To ensure cleaner cuts and less injury to the plants, clean your pruners regularly. 


Spades are shorthanded shovels used for work that requires something bigger than a trowel. Spades are used for edging, lifting sod, moving mounds of dirt, and digging holes for new plants. Go for long handle spades as they provide more leverage but they are heavier as well. Choose stainless steel heads as they don’t rust. 


Hoes are used to preparing the garden, flowerbeds, and clean out weeds. There are several types of hoes but the most used one is a draw hoe that has a flat blade at the end and a wooden handle. The type of hoe you use depends on the type of garden you have. You will need a sturdy, broad hoe for a vegetable garden but a thinner hoe for a perennial garden. 


Rake is a gardening staple. They help clear out dead and fallen leaves. Rakes come in all sizes but a standard rake leaf does a great job. You can even go for a bow rake that not only helps with clearing leaves but also debris. It can be used for light tilling work, mulching, moving loose soil, and weeding. 

Watering Can 

There are hundreds of types of water cans you can get in the market depending on the size and color and styles, but let’s just divide them into two major types: plastic and metal. Plastic water cans are lighter than metal ones but don’t last long. Metal water cans need to be galvanized regularly to avoid rusting. You might need two water cans depending on your garden size. A bigger water can is preferred for outside gardens while a smaller water can with a long- neck is preferred to water houseplants. 

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