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7 Most Profitable Fruit & Vegetable Business Ideas

Shigraf Zahbi
Shigraf Zahbi
Vegetable and Fruit Business

If you have been thinking about starting a fruit and vegetable business and earning good money, you are at the right place. We have curated an expert list of the best fruit and vegetable business ideas of 2021 for you. Go through this list, think what is the best option for you and start your business now.

Topmost Profitable Fruit & Vegetable Business Ideas

Here is a list of top fruits and vegetables business ideas that can give you good profit in a short span of time;

Organic Farm

While interacting with successful farmers for our Farmer the Brand page, we found out that 9 out of 10 farmers had established a flourishing organic fruit and vegetable farm. If you don't believe us, you can go to the page yourself and read the real stories of farmers who now even have their own brands.

Organic fruits and vegetables are in high demand nowadays and you can also start the business by some prior knowledge and help and advice from your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK).

Vegetable and Fruit Delivery

If you grow vegetables and fruits in your home, you can opt for starting a door to door delivery of fresh vegetables. You can start on a very small scale by delivering to your neighborhood. However, as you start making profit, you can expand your business, get it registered, and take it to other places.

Banana Chips Business

We have said it before and we shall say it again. Banana chips business is the easiest to start with. You do not need a huge investment, if your business does not turn out to be successful you do not lose much, and if it succeeds you can go from selling locally to creating your own brand!

Papaya Farming

Papaya is a plant which can bear fruits even when it is not taken care of. Imagine if you start a low investment papaya farm with just ten trees. It has been reported that just ten papaya trees can earn you as much as 15,000 rupees a month. Certainly, papaya farming is the best for all the beginners out there.

Chopped & Packed Vegetable Business

Chopping vegetables is quite a task, especially for people who are living in cities. If you live in an urban area you can also start a large scale chopped & packed vegetables.

You will have to really take care of the hygiene and packing and market your products well so that they gain popularity. Keeping the profit margin low in the beginning and then increasing it slowly would also be really helpful.

Pickle Business

Pickle business has been proven to be very beneficial. The good thing about this is the variety you can offer. You can start with radish pickles, mango pickles, chilli pickle, carrot pickle, and can later even expand to meat pickles like fish pickle. You can even start offering all these varieties at one and experiment with the types of pickles in different regions of the country.

Rooftop Vegetable Farm

If you do not have enough land to start a farm on, you can start growing vegetables even on your rooftop. This is called “Kaushi Kheti.” You can grow a number of vegetables on your rooftop, including all sorts of climbers, beans, beetroot, chilli, tomato, bitter melon, and even potatoes.

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