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A Complete Guide to Aloe Vera Cultivation

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Aloe Vera Cultivation Guide

Raising a plant is not easier than raising a kid, but here we are going to raise a kid who really needs very less effort and care to grow. Aloe Vera, the plant which needs less attentiveness but gives many benefits. This small-stemmed shrub has many uses and medicinal and beauty benefits. Let’s proceed to know all about Aloe Vera, botanically known as Aloe barbadensis miller.

What you will need to grow Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera originated in the typical climates of Africa and grown worldwide because of its wondrous benefits. Basically this plant doesn’t require too much attention. Here is the list of all basic needs of our kid Aloe Vera:

  1. Soil and Atmosphere- Material which you are using should be able to hold the nutrients. A mixture of perlite, lava rock, coarse sand will be best suitable for Aloe Vera. And if not available, a mixture of standard potting soil and sand will also work good. Using only potting soil may lead to rotting of the root as it will increase the moisture content which is not favourable for Aloe Vera. So, take care while making the potting mix for your baby Aloe Vera.
  2. Sunlight and Water- Light is what Aloe Vera requires the most and Water is what Aloe Vera requires the least. But one thing to keep in mind, this kid is also fragile like other kids, too much direct sunlight can cause harm and burn its leaves, so keep it in the bright atmosphere but not excess direct sunlight, relatively shady location with indirect sunlight will be perfect for it. Proper watering for Aloe Vera is watering it thoroughly and drain the excess water and wait for the next watering session till the top layer of soil dries out. Overwatering can form soft spots on leaves and make them droopy and brown in colour.
Aloe Vera Cultivation

Care tips for Aloe Vera

  1. Fertilize your Aloe Vera sparingly only once in a month or two and only summer and springs as this plant do not require too much fertilizers.
  2. 50 to 85-degree F temperature is suitable for Aloe Vera.
  3. Water sparingly during winters once every two weeks.
  4. If you find any droops or soft spots on the leaf, separate them from the mother leaf by cutting with sharp knife or scissor.
  5. Aloe Vera is poisonous to dogs and cats so keep your pets away from it.

Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera

  1. Skin protector- Aloe Vera is a boon for the skin. It can protect skin from Ultra violet rays and can treat sun burn. Along with this, it is also good for pimples, rashes and other skin infections.
  2. Memory booster- Aloe Vera consumption can help in treating anxiety and depression disorders and boost learning capacity and memory.
  3. Wounds and Burns- Aloe Vera can be applied on wounds and burn and help them recover fast.
  4. Constipation- Regularly drinking Aloe Vera juice can cure constipation.
  5. Teeth and Gums- Aloe Vera gel is used in many kinds of toothpaste and gels as it contains some components which can heal gums and control tooth cavity.
  6. Delicious recipes- Aloe Vera can be used to make many delicious sweet and spicy dishes.

Aloe Vera Cultivation profit and Market

In the areas of low rains, where there is a decrease in groundwater levels or because of any other reasons land is not much productive of cultivation, Aloe Vera can be grown. This plant does not require much care and any special atmospheric conditions, so Aloe Vera cultivation can be profitable in the areas with above mentioned conditions. Along with this, Aloe Vera won’t require any huge funding for starting of cultivation. One time raising of crop can be harvested up to 3-4 years.

The market of Aloe Vera is not properly settled in India yet. Still, With the growing demand for natural items and healthcare products, the market is developing. Many cosmetic organizations, juice manufacturing industries, research industries demand Aloe Vera leaves.

Companies as Patanjali Ayurveda, Ayush Ayurveda, Himalaya, Baidyanath, Zandu Ayurveda, Vicco laboratories, Hamdard laboratories and many pharma companies require Aloe Vera.

Here is the list of some trading portals to export and market your Aloe Vera in National and International markets.


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