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Aata Chakki: Start Your Own Flour Mill Business and Earn in Lakhs; Here’s the Complete Guide

Flour Mill Business, or Aata Chakki business, an evergreen business with no seasonal boundaries. And, if you have decided to set up your own Aata Chakki Business. Then, let’s get started and understand everything related to this business from the basics to the essentials and everything.

Sangeeta Soni
Flour Mill Business

Flour Mill Business, or Aata Chakki business is a profitable agriculture business with no seasonal boundaries. It is one of the most basic and essential work that too in a country like India, where we eat Rotis, Chapatis, Parathas made of different flours in our daily diet. And not only this, flour is used in making other dishes and fast foods also. So, aata chakki business is evergreen and can be profitable for you.

And, if you have decided to set up your own Aata Chakki Business. Then, let’s get started and understand everything related to this business from the basics to the essentials and everything. 

Types of Flour Mill Business

Flour Mill- For this, you need good investment. As in this, you will have to bring your own grain and processing needs to be done. And then, milling and packaging. And you can sell your own milled flour in the name of your own brand. And it can be done with many grains including wheat, rice, etc. And it will be something like your own flour milling industry.

Basic Mill- In this, you won’t require as much investment as Flour mill. In this, you will have to mill the grains in your flour mill. And, people themselves will bring their grains. This business can be started with short time span and less manpower. 

Investment Required of Flour mill

To setup your own basic flour mill business, you will require investment for land, machine and other facilities. You will require the area of about 300 to 500 Sq. ft. to set up the business. If land is your own, then that cost will be reduced, and if no, then it depends on the rent. And for the machine, you will have to invest nearly Rs. 30,000 to 60,000, depending upon the type of machine you want to buy. It comes in different variants like, manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic. And other equipments including bucket elevator, reel machine, indent cylinder, weighing scale, roller mill body, etc. will require the investment of about Rs. 30,000 to 40,000.

So, overall Rs. 1 lakh investment is required excluding the land cost. 

Loan for flour mill business

Flour Mill is a high demand and a basic business with not much capital investment for set up. And one more positive point to note is that, you can get loans easily from all the banks for this. Banks also favours the entrepreneurs willingly and easily. And this business is not any specific gender based. So, whoever wants to start this business can opt for the loan.  

Registration and License 

Registering the business is really important, and is the first step to start a business. This can be done under sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability partnership or a one-person company. And, this has to be done at the Registrar’s office. And before registering, entity, along with giving a structure to the business, influences the taxation structure and bestows certain benefits to the business. Therefore, must be chosen carefully.  

And other than this, other registrations and licences to acquire are- 

Other important points

Some more important thing to remember before starting your Aata Chakki Business are- 

  • Gain all the operational knowledge before starting the business.

  • Purchase everything carefully including milling machine and all the other equipment.

  • Choose the location near to the residential area, so that you can get more and more customers.

  • Follow all the standard procedures to start the business including licencing and registration. 

For more information like this, stay connected. And best wishes for your new business…!! 

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