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Beginners Guide to Successful Terrace Farming

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Terrace farming
Terrace farming

Nowadays we spent most of our time on various farming methods. Even those with no connection to agriculture are busy experimenting with new farming methods and their potential. Those living in cities and those with limited space are opting for terrace farming.

Let us know some tips for terrace gardening for vegetables like tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, beans, spinach and chillies etc.

Filling Manure in the Grow Bag:

To fill a large Growbag, the soil should be mixed with cow dung in the ratio of 1: 1: 1. Growbag should never be filled up to the top. Add soil with lime for filling and wait for 2 days. Cocopeat is an essential part of making the potting mix. Fill the aforesaid mixture and add enough neem cake and some bone meal to it. Seedlings can then be soaked and dipped in Pseudomonas solution. Trichoderma enriched manure can be used to fill the grow bag to control root diseases.

Avoid Direct Sunlight:

It is not advisable to keep grow bags directly on the terrace. Bags should be kept out of direct sunlight for the first two weeks. This will help the roots of the seedlings to really take root in the soil. It is only necessary to pour water twice during this time. No special fertilizer application is required.

Paint the Ceiling to Avoid Leakage:

It is better to paint the ceiling to avoid leakage. Do not place grow bags directly on the terrace. It is better to place it on top of two bricks. The bricks should not obstruct the flow of water. For this, the bricks should be laid in a sloping direction. There should be a distance of two feet between the bags.


Mulch with dry leaves at the base of the plants.  The falling water does not evaporate.

Maintain it for Seven Days for Best Yield:

The Dirst Day:

On the first day, organic fertilizer is the important one. It can be easily made at home. Just four ingredients are enough to make this fertilizer. 1. Ten kg of cow dung 2.One kg of groundnut cake 3.One kg of neem cake 4.One kg of bone powder mixed with water or cow urine. Cover in a large bowl. Stir well every day. Fertilizer smells good when fermented. This is an indication of compost preparation. It should be kept like this for four days. On the fourth day, the manure is ready

This fertilizer should be used on the first day. Add one cup of fertilizer to ten cups of water and pour it at the base of the plant. It is better to pour in the evening to avoid loss of manure by evaporation

The Second Day:

On the second day do nothing special except watering.

The Third Day:

Pseudomonas fluorescence should be used on the third day. It is a friendly bacterium and is available for purchase in stores. Mix 20 g of Pseudomonas in one liter of water and pour it at the base of the plants. Pseudomonas can also be found in liquid form.

If liquid Pseudomonas is used, 5 ml can be mixed with one liter of water. Pseudomonas can improve plant health, enhance root growth, and enable roots to absorb soil elements. It also fights leaf spot disease, blight, and fungal diseases. Before using Pseudomonas, a teaspoon of lime should be added to the bag and distributed. Just do this once a month.

The Fourth Day:

On the fourth day, apply neem extract. It is available in stores under the names Azadiractin, nimbecidine, and Eco Neem Plus. Add 2 ml per liter and spray on the underside of the leaves.

The Fifth Day:

Fish amino acid should be applied on the fifth day. It can be made easily. Add 1 kg of herring and 1 kg of jaggery and keep in a tightly closed container. Do not open occasionally. After 15 days you will see the fragrant liquid on the container. After filtering, add two ml per liter of water and spray. Fish amino acid is effective for pest control. It also helps in the formation of flowers and the size, color, and smell of the fruit

Sixth Day:

The sixth day is – rest day. Watering alone is enough

The Seventh Day:

The seventh day is the last day of care and management. Farmers believe that if we give special care and love to the plants it will give good result. So just care for them and love them.

The plant does not need soil to grow. Any growth medium is enough. Plants grow well in growing mediums such as coir pith, coco peat (processed coir pith), and neo peat (imported algae). Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants in a particular environment by providing only moisture. Growing vegetables in the soil are very difficult in urban areas with only four or five cents of space. The solution to this problem is to make the terrace a farm.

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