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Can Calcium Carbonate do Miracles in Agriculture?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Calcium carbonate and Dolomite play an important role in neutralizing the soil as far as PH value is concerned. The ideal PH value is 7 whereas the value we find in different parts of the country is either below or above. This condition is not conducive for healthy agricultural practice.The acidic or alkaline soil does not help the farmers much in cultivation. They will not have good yield at the time of harvest if they do not understand the significance of calcium in the soil and thereby they lose much of their time and money.

Under the expert guidance, the use of this agent also reduces the excess quantity of Aluminium in the land. The presence of Aluminium in soil more than the required rate will affect the growth of plants adversely.

The increased availability of Phosphorus, larger quantity of Nitrogen fixation, better water use and plant performance are some of the additional advantages that the farmers get out of the application of Calcium Carbonate.

Whether it is a grow bag or a big farm, the application of calcium in the soil is very necessary. Generally, Calcium Carbonate or Dolomite is mixed with soil at least 10 to 15 days before the process starts. (The land is expected to be wet before applying the calcium contents for better results.) This 15 days interval is meant for having the sunshine properly. Besides, the harmful micro organisms in the soil are to be destroyed in the chemical reaction on land. 

One should take  special care not to use any fertilizer during this time because the roots of the plants are not able to absorb the micronutrients from the earth in proper manner .Considering the environment and the nature of the soil the application of Calcium Carbonate should be repeated periodically. The quantity of Calcium is commonly measured in tons per acre.

In all districts, the government set up soil testing facilities in favour of the growers. Most of the people are not aware of this or not ready to make use of this support. The service is free for the people in all states. Even mobile laboratories are arranged in some states for farmers' easy access. Farmers can also find out the approximate nature of the soil in their farm using  mobile applications developed by soil test authorities in some states. 

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