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Careers in Agriculture: Top 10 Highest Paying Agriculture Jobs in India in 2024

The time when agriculture solely relied on farmers to toil in the soil is a thing of the past. Today, technology reigns supreme. Discover the top 10 highest-paying agriculture jobs in India for 2024.

Pronami Chetia
Image Source: Canva
Image Source: Canva

The importance of agriculture has revived back and the demand for this field is gradually increasing. People need to understand that agriculture is a vast sector and it's not only related to farming. Moreover, it is inter-related with many other departments and fields which makes it more demanding. Numerous opportunities have sprouted over the time, giving young people plenty of options to pick from.

As per reports from a few journals, in the US alone, over 50,000 jobs in agriculture are available per year; only there aren’t enough qualified graduates to fill the vacancies. On the other hand, the UK also seems to be experiencing similar problems with a labor shortage, as their horticultural sectors continually struggle to find new workers year after year. If we look at the scenario of India, there are lots of vacancies in the Agriculture and horticulture department as well which are expected to increase in the future.

Here are the top 10 most in-demand and highest-paying agriculture jobs in India.

1. Indian Forest Service Officer (IFS )

  • It has a pay scale of 60K- 2.4L. Applicants should be in the age group of 21-32 and have completed their 10+2 secondary education in science or biology. Additionally, they must possess a bachelor's degree in animal husbandry and veterinary science, botany, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics, statistics, or zoology. Alternatively, they may hold a bachelor's degree in agriculture, forestry, or engineering from a recognized university board in India. However, a degree in the science stream does not guarantee a job in Indian Forest Service.

  • One must appear for the IFS examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The recruitment process involves three stages, i.e., written exam prelims, written exam mains, and interviews. One must clear all the rounds of the recruitment process to become an IFS officer. The selected candidates will be trained for two years at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy. The major responsibility of the IFS officer is to manage the forests, environment, and wildlife issues of the state of India.

2. NABARD Grade "B" officer

  • Basic salary of 55,200/- p.m. This specially for the ones who hold an and interest in the agricultural field and its development by hosting a pan India exam to recruit NABARD Grade B Officers. Candidates who get selected in NABARD Grade B work as "Development Assistants".

  • Candidates must have finished their graduation and post-graduation in any subject/order can apply for the examination, and the minimum qualifying marks should be 60% for the general category.

  • Candidates between 25 to 32 years can apply for the exam.

3. Agricultural Research Scientist(ARS)

Pay scale is 57K-1.8L and the grade pay-6K. This competitive Agricultural Research Services Examination is conducted for the recruitment of scientist vacancies in Agricultural Research Services (ARS) under various disciplines (at present there are 55 related disciplines). Candidates with a master's degree in a relevant agricultural discipline from a recognized university are eligible for the exam. Selection is done on the basis of written examination, research accomplishments and personal interview​.

4. Agricultural Field Officer (AFO)

  • Pay scale is 23K-98K. If you are looking for a job that does not come wrapped with expensive professional degrees, then Agricultural Field Officer is the best vacancy for you. It also helps you to stay grounded by working for Rural Development. Candidates between 20-30 years of age and having a graduation degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, or related fields are eligible.

  • As per the RBI’s Guidelines to commercial banks, banks need to open at least 25% of the branches in a year in the unbanked rural area.

  • An Agriculture Field Officer directly works with farmers & companies related to agriculture, rural development & its allied fields.

5. Agricultural Development Officer or ADO

  • An agricultural officer post is one of the most prestigious and well-paid jobs in the agriculture sector. The basic salary of an agriculture officer is Rs. 44K depending upon the department or division he is working for.

  • An agriculture officer has to ensure that all the agricultural practices & products are in lieu of the state & local regulations. His main task is to check, investigate, sample & test everything, so as to determine whether they are complying with the state & local rules and regulations.

  • If you want to become an agriculture officer, then you will have to fulfill the following criteria; Should have a Bachelor’s Science degree in Agricultural Engineering / Agriculture from a recognized university.

6. Block Development Officer

  • With a pay scale of 47K to 1.5L, Block Development Officer has to see that the plans and programmes approved by the appropriate authorities are executed efficiently. He signs contracts and authenticates all letters and documents for and on behalf of the Panchayat Samiti subject to the prior approval of the appropriate authority. BDO draws and disburses money out of the Panchayat Samiti Fund.

  • Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree from a recognized university in any discipline. Typically, a minimum of 50% marks in the degree is required for eligibility for the BDO role.

7. Crop Science/ Agriculture Manager

  • With a pay scale of 40K to 50K, Agricultural Manager is a professional responsible for the daily planning, organization, supervision, and administration of activities on farm estates like raising animals, tend crops, plan strategies for maximum yield, organize farm administration, work machinery, organize associated businesses and manage staff.

  • The minimum educational qualification for becoming Agriculture Manager is Bachelor's Degree programs in agriculture or related fields.

8. Biochemist

Biochemistry is the part of science that manages the investigation of science and science of living beings to benefit humanity. In the field of horticulture, the biochemist attempted to build up the fast developing, high yielding; bug and drought spell safe varieties

9. Agronomy Sales Manager

These experts are liable for preparing the team that will go to better places to instruct farmers on the best way to think about their land and harvests appropriately. Simultaneously, they additionally promote and sell their items which are regular seeds, soil, and manures.

10. Agricultural Educator

Last but not the least. If you have completed your graduation or post-graduation in agriculture, you can always pursue a dream career as an agricultural educator in any educational institution or research center. The basic salary of an agriculture educator is approximately 5L. 

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