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Cash Crop Cultivation: Jhinkri Farmers are Earning Lakhs by Cultivating Cash Crop! Know How

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

A small helmet belonging to the Bhoranj tehsil of the Hamirpur district has come into the spotlight with the cultivation of cash crops because of the assistance given to them by the JICA undertaking of the state government.

The fields of this tehsil, which once experienced water shortage, have likewise begun yielding cash crops and this has expanded the yearly pay of numerous farmers by more than three folds. Presently Jhinkari, a little village of Bhoranj, situated in the Hamirpur district, has likewise been embodied into the lineup of villages in various districts that have changed the image of cultivation by embracing diversification of crop through JICA venture.

Indeed, the ranchers of town jhinkari had been developing customary harvests like wheat and maize for some ages and because of absence of adequate water for the water system, the yield of these conventional harvests was additionally diminishing throughout the previous few years.

61 farmer families belonging to the village were associated with JICA venture and around 26 hectares of land was given a water irrigation system by fixing the old water system scheme here. Current hardware, work vehicles, pumps, pipes, sprinklers and several different facilities were made accessible to the farmers for around 4 lakh rupees. They were additionally taught to make earthworm manure.

Subsequent to getting all the facilities and guidance through JICA, the farmers of Jhinkari are presently getting good yields of pumpkin crops, turmeric ginger, frasbeans and tomatoes in the kharif season, while cabbage crops, peas, coriander, masha, turnip, radish are fortifying their economy by developing cash crops like gram, linseed and mustard .

The reformist farmers of the village in particular Manohar Lal, Hemraj, Chain Singh, Devraj, Dilip Singh and several others are making great from cash crops.

Women SHG’s have additionally been set up in the village and its ladies have been trained in mushroom creation.

A poly house has been set up under JICA at an expense of about rupees 1 lakh 66 thousand for the nursery of better assortment of vegetables in the village, which is being kept up by one reformist farmer Hemraj. Alongside planting cash crops, Hemraj is additionally planting vegetables in this poly house.

In the past kharif season, Hemraj acquired a total compensation of around 45 thousand rupees by planting tomatoes in the poly house.

Project Director of JICA, Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, said that the farmers of the village Jhinkari got in excess of 2 lakh 40 thousand rupees for each hectare yearly from money crops a year ago.

The yearly pay of the farmers belonging to the village was about 68 thousand rupees prior and the diversification of crop has changed their financial standpoint.

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