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Check This New Variety of Curry Leaves - “Suhasini”

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

There is nothing better than curry leaves to give flavor and aroma to your favourite dishes. Curry leaves play an important role in our health. We are often amazed at the health benefits of curry leaves that are excluded from our diet. The ancients used to say about curry leaves in folk medicine and herbal medicine that it has a thousand benefits.  

Curry leaves are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins A, B, C, E and carbohydrates. In short, we can realize the importance of curry leaves in our diet.

Just like curry leaves, guava leaves are also very good for skin, hair and overall health. 

Health benefits of curry leaves

  • If you know the health benefits of curry leaves, you will be amazed. Incorporating curry leaves in our diet on a daily basis can improve our health.

  • Studies have shown that adding curry leaves to the diet can improve memory.

  • The carbazole alkaloids and tannins contained in curry leaves are good for liver health.

  • It also protects the liver from diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

  • For those who suffer from constant sneezing and runny nose, it is beneficial to eat a small amount of turmeric and curry leaves daily.

  • As it is a storehouse of vitamin A, curry leaves have a special ability to improve eyesight.

  • There is nothing better than curry leaves to enhance hair beauty. Applying coconut oil on the scalp daily along with curry leaves will help in hair growth. It is also good for premature graying and split ends.

  • Incorporating curry leaves in the diet helps in better digestion and prevents germs.

  • Curry leaves are also very good for improving the vocal cords.

  • Curry leaves, which have antibacterial properties, are a staple for people with skin problems. To get rid of various infections on the skin, it can be mixed with water, rubbed on the affected area and rinsed off after 30 minutes.

  • It also enhances your beauty. Just mix curry leaves and yoghurt and apply it on the face to increase the radiance of the skin. Add curry leaves and turmeric and apply on the affected area to get rid of acne. To get rid of acne, scars, apply mixture of a few drops of lemon juice and curry leaves on the affected area and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Suhasini – A new variety of curry leaves

Curry leaves cultivation is very suitable for our climate. It is advisable to choose an area with good sunlight and good drainage for cultivation. Only household waste is sufficient for the growth of curry leaves. Porridge water application is best.

A wide variety of curry seedlings are available in the market today. The best of them is 'Suhasini'. This variety is made by germination of seeds. It is characterized by small leaves and an intense odor. There is nothing better than 'Suhasini' to enhance the taste of curries. Normal fertilizer application is sufficient for this variety.

This species has higher growth than other species. Flowering and fruiting up to four times a year. Seedling production is possible only from its own seeds. Low maintenance High yield is the specialty of this variety.  Never cut the curry leaves by hand. Keep in mind that new branches can only form when broken with a knife.

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