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Do you know the Uses and Benefits of Little Tree Plant

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon
Little Tree Plant

The Little Plant Tree found in our backyards, fields and roadsides is a symbol of rural culture. It is scientifically known as Biophytum sensitivum and is known by many national names in India. In Malayalam it is known as Lajjalu, Teendanazhi and Jalapushpam and in hindi it is known as Laakshana. They are 8-15 cm tall and have a lifespan of one year. The five-petalled flower has ten stamens and a five-chambered ovary. The seeds germinate in the soil when it rains. Little Plant Tree is a stimulant drug. There are many beliefs in many places in India that wearing a Little Plant Tree on the hair is good for the husband and keeping it at home will change the eyesight.

 Health Benefits and uses of Little Tree Plant

According to Ayurveda, it is effective for the three ailments of phlegm, bile and rheumatism. It is best to drink boiled water with a Little Plant Tree to prevent diabetes. Drinking this water regularly can help us fight diabetes effectively. Rubbing a lotion rich in antioxidants on the wound will make the wound dry faster. Eating five Little Plant Tree and five peppercorns will boost the immune system. Not only this, it is also good for constipation and allergies. If the juice of this plant is served, the kidney stone will be removed and blood will be purified. If you mix this juice with butter and sugar you will get rid of osteoporosis. Drinking the juice of little plant tree, gooseberry and curry leaves will reduce gastric problems. Applying this plant, turmeric and black basil in equal proportions and ingesting it will remove the toxics from the body.

The Little Plant Tree juice is effective for asthma. Infusion of this plant can cure fever and leprosy. It is good to take this mixture for Filariasis. The mixture of this plant and ducks eggs will go away hemorrhoids. After childbirth, a woman's health can be improved by consuming little plant tree leaves, jaggery and uncooked dry rice. This should be done 15 days after delivery. Doing so will result in uterine cleansing. Grinded Little tree plant, aloe vera, turmeric and brahmi mixed with honey and eaten in gooseberry size is best for maintaining eternal youth.

If you paste the grinded leaves of this plant apply it on the forehead will reduce fever. To get rid of diarrhea, it is beneficial to grind the leaves and add it to the water. Bee venom can be cured by mixing it in butter and using it. Little plant tree is also good for ulcers.

Try to make it a part of your lifestyle even if it is a thirst quencher with so many benefits.

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