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Why is Moringa tree special in our life?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

There will be no Malayalees who are not aware about the Moringa tree. In every house in the countryside, a Moringa tree is not to be missed. Its fruit called drum stick is a regular presence in the kitchens of Malayalees. To make Sambar and Avial, you have to use this.  The ancestors kept the tree at home because of its nutritional value. In some seasons, the price of drumsticks can go up to Rs 300 and Rs 400.

Moringa generally grows in dry climates. It is also found in abundance in coastal areas. The leaves of Moringa are a storehouse of vitamin A. Moringa is also at the forefront of vitamin C. The high fiber leaves are good for lowering bad cholesterol in the body. It is essential for postpartum women to include the frit and leaves of Moringa in their diet.

It has already been found that not only the drum sticks but also the leaves are edible. But the flowers of this tree are also very good for making side dish. The skin of the stalk and the skin of the root are rich in medicinal properties.  In short, every part of it is useful.

There are two types of Moringa. The dwarf will last only one year, but the tree will continue to bear fruit for many years.  This can be grown using seeds and stems. No special fertilizer or water is required. It is best to grow a new tree before the rains start.

Flowering and fruiting occur in good sunlight. If there are no flowers or pods, just pour some lukewarm porridge water around it at some distance or grind some mustard and pour it around the tree. Special care should be taken of not to water because it is not conducive to flowering and fruiting.

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