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Earn 3 Lakhs from Green Peas Cultivation; Check Cost & Profit Details

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
green peas
Fresh Green Peas

The monsoon season is about to end and after that our favorite winter season will start. With the arrival of winters, you will find green peas in the market. If you are planning to start your own profitable agriculture business then you can think of doing Green Peas Farming.

Farmers can earn big money through cultivation of peas. Today we will tell you how to do green peas cultivation and how much profit can be earned from it.

Profitable Green Peas Cultivation Process

Below we have given complete details of how to start with peas cultivation and other details;

When are peas cultivated?

This is the right time to cultivate peas - when the rainy season is about to end. The whole month of October is considered good for growing green peas. Germination of peas is also good in this month and there is good growth. If rain comes after the sowing of peas, then the soil will become hard, after which it will be difficult for the pea crop to settle. On the other hand, if there is excessive rainfall then crop will rot.

How to grow peas?

To begin with, plow the field well and make the soil fertile and then sow the seeds. For good yield, keep a proper distance between the seeds. Keep a 4 cm distance between the seeds.

Irrigate the field when peas start fruiting. If there is a need for irrigation before that, then just sprinkle little water over it. Pea crop is generally ready for harvesting in 70-80 days and even after that, it gives production for 35-40 days. The cultivation of peas in one hectare can yield up to 150 quintals.

Cost and Profit Details

In one hectare of land, about 150 quintals of seeds will be required. The cost of seeds will be around Rs. 35000-40000. In addition, Rs. 50000-60000 will be spent on plowing, sowing, harvesting, weeding, transportation etc. This means you will have to spend about 1 lakh in total.

Now talking about the profit – generally, the market price of peas is Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg. Let's suppose you get a market price of Rs 20 per kg, then from 100 quintals of peas, you will earn Rs 3 lakh. That is a profit of Rs 2 lakh. However, if you sell peas wisely then you can easily get Rs 30-40 per kg. For this what you need to do is, before harvesting the peas, find its retail customers and pluck the peas and supply them directly.

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