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Earn up to Rs 8 Lakh from Banana Farming; Know Cost & Profit Details

M Kanika
M Kanika
Banana Farming
Banana Farming

If you want to earn a big profit from a small piece of land, then you must think of doing banana farming. Earlier, banana cultivation was done only in South India, but now it is being cultivated in North India also.

By cultivating banana in one hectare, you can make a profit of about Rs. 8 lakh. A farmer who is involved in banana farming, never thinks of doing traditional farming such as wheat-paddy-sugarcane, because in the latter you cannot get high profits.

Banana Cultivation

Although the best time for planting banana is June-July, but some farmers plant it till August. It is also cultivated around January-February. This crop is fully ready in about 12-14 months. Banana plants should be planted at a distance of about 8*4 feet & irrigation should be done with the help of drip. Up to 3000 banana plants are planted in one hectare. Banana plants like moisture as they grow well in it. When the fruits start coming in the plant, then measures should also be taken to protect the fruits, so that they do not get any stains and get a good price in the market. 

Where can you get Banana Plants?

Banana is grown not from seeds, but from banana plants. You can find banana plants from many places. You can get banana plants from nurseries etc., Or you can directly talk to companies providing improved varieties of bananas, who will deliver banana plants to your home.

At the same time, all the state governments also provide saplings to promote banana cultivation, so once contact the agriculture department of your district. If there is banana cultivation somewhere near you, then you can get banana plants from there too. You will get a banana plant for between Rs 15-20.

Cost & Profit in banana cultivation

In banana cultivation, about 3000 plants are planted in one hectare i.e. up to Rs. 45000-60000; you will have to spend only on plants.

At the same time, around Rs. 2.5-3 lakh per hectare is also spent in care & management of plants throughout the year. Cultivation of banana in one hectare will cost about Rs. 3-4 lakh (for entire 12-14 months). Moreover up to 25-40 kg of bananas comes out per plant. In this way, about 100 tonnes of bananas are produced from one hectare. These bananas sell between Rs 10-15 per kg. Assuming an average price of Rs 12, you will earn Rs 12 lakh. On the other hand, if we remove the cost, you get a profit of Rs 8 lakh. 

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