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Facts About Yellow Watermelon That Will Astonish You

All you should know about yellow watermelon.

Shipra Singh
Red and yellow watermelon slices
Red and yellow watermelon slices

What’s the color of watermelon flesh? Red! The image of red, juicy watermelon slices with seeds as black dots immediately gives a sense of refreshment, isn’t it?  

Well, to your surprise, watermelon wasn’t red before. Earlier, watermelons were yellow. They originated in Africa. This yellow watermelon was sweeter and had a thicker rind than that of red watermelon.  

So, how did the original yellow watermelon turned into red?  

About yellow watermelon 

Yellow watermelon is not only attractive, but also nutritious. It is full of Vitamins A and C. Plus, it contains beta-carotene, hence, the yellow color. Beta carotene is an antioxidant and protects the eyes and keeps them healthy.  

A cup of yellow watermelon gives around 46 calories. So, anybody on a weight loss program looking for a sweet, juicy snack can munch on a couple of big slices of this nutritious fruit without hesitation.  

Yellow watermelon is great for desserts like smoothies and fruit tarts and as toppings on unconventional salads. You can also juice this watermelon to make a refreshing cool yellow drink.  

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How red watermelons came into existence? 

Yellow watermelons do not contain lycopene, a substance responsible for imparting red color to fruits and vegetables. Remember, tomatoes are known for their lycopene, which is another antioxidant that protects from cancer and produces anti aging effects?  

Growers of watermelon bred newer varieties that showed higher amount of lycopene and, eventually, watermelons became red.  

Fruit salad of watermelons, strawberries, and kiwi
Fruit salad of watermelons, strawberries, and kiwi

Many people think that yellow watermelon is some new variety; but it is not. As mentioned earlier, it was cultivated before the cultivation of red watermelon. It’s just that red watermelon became so popular since then that red color became the standard color for watermelon flesh.  

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Which is better – yellow watermelon or red watermelon? 

Both types of watermelons are nutritious and delicious. However, the difference is that yellow watermelon has high amounts of beta-carotene, while red watermelon has high amounts of lycopene. Yellow watermelon has very low or nil lycopene, while red watermelon has very low beta carotene.  

Both types of watermelons are high in water content.  

Your choice depends on your personal preference and your nutritional requirement. Are you looking for more beta carotene or lycopene?  

And if you are simply looking for a refreshingly cool snack in a hot summer afternoon, choose any watermelon. However, we would suggest trying yellow watermelon. Chances are high that you may not have tried the yellow one, right?  

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