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Farmers can Get Double Profit by Investing Rs 1 Lakh through This Technology

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Hydroponic Farming

At present, cities and urban areas are expanding very fast which has also increased the trend of urban farming. Now people are cultivating fruits and vegetables in the roof of the house, car parking or wherever there is empty space nearby.

This farming can be possible through a special technique where you can easily grow fruits and vegetables on only 200 square feet of space. With the help of this technique, you can grow fruits and vegetables worth up to 2 lakh rupees per year from a one-time investment of about 1 lakh rupees.  Let's know about hydroponics farming in detail.

You can cultivate it Without Soil

If you use this modern technology, then you will not need any type of soil for this. Through this technique, essential nutrients supplied to the plants are transported directly to the plant roots with the help of water. This modern technique has been named 'Hydroponic' in English.

Through this technology, the plant is grown in a pipe with the help of a multi-layer frame and inside the pipe; the roots of the plant are kept in nutrient filled water. This hydroponic technique can be used in many ways. You can also prepare this system yourself.

What's the Benefit of Hydroponics Farming?

Through Hydroponics Farming technique, farmers can produce fruits and vegetables which have a higher market price. In this technique, consumption of water, fertiliser and pesticide is also reduced by about 50 to 80 percent.


In most countries, people are building terrace gardens on the roofs of their houses, malls, even office roofs. You can also set up your company by learning this Hydroponic Technique or you can connect with an established company and give training to others about this technology. For this, farmers may have to spend more on Polyhouse or Net Shed. The cost of this system is one time but the cost of maintenance of the shed can increase the cost.

The larger your farm is, the higher your expenses will be. Many things such as temperature, pests can also affect the crop. In such a situation, a little knowledge of farming is required for the yield of the crop and accordingly, cares and change of plants is required.

Why is it more beneficial than traditional farming?

Its returns depend on the quality of the crop you are growing and its value in the market. It is also necessary to have some marketing skills to know its better price. This hydroponic technique has more advantages and margins than traditional farming.

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