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Fish Amino Acid is a Good Fertilizer for Coconut Tree

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

Coconut is cultivated all over India. Lack of good yields is a problem faced by all coconut farmers. But one problem that bothers everyone is that our coconuts do not bear fruit. There are many reasons for this. But the most important reason for this is calcium deficiency.

But here is a solution. Fish amino acids, which we all make at home or buy from shops, are the only solution to prevent coconuts fruit from wilting. But it just needs to be used like this.

How to apply fertilizer

First, make a small pit about two feet from the base of the coconut tree. The pit should be in such a way that a coconut root can be seen from the outside. It is on this root that our fertilizer is applied. The only thing to always keep in mind when digging the pit is that the root should be a little longer. Cut off a small portion of the dug coconut root. Then take a 200g thick plastic cover. Just take low rate plastic cover from our regular shops.

Pour 100ml of water and 20ml of fish amino acid into this cover.  About 20ml is enough for very fruitless coconuts. Mix both well. Then place the cut root in half in this cover. The roots should be placed inside the cover and tied tightly with a string. The pit should be deep enough to cover the soil.

Then place the topsoil above the plastic cover. It does not have to be completely covered. Within two months, the root absorbs the amino acid mixture and produce more fruit. In about 2-3 months, the coconut fruit wilting will disappear and more yield will be available. When applying fertilizer to coconut, you should do it at the root.

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