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What is Special about Coconut Flowers?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

Nothing much has been written about the coconut blossom.  Coconut flower is an indispensable item in the auspicious moments in Kerala.  Whether it is a wedding or a temple festival, the ceremony cannot take place without the use of coconut flowers.  Apart from this, coconut flower is also used for healing many diseases. 

A tonic made of coconut flower is a well-known medicine.  It is a medicine that can be made in Ayurvedic shops and at home alike.

These flowers are  effective remedy for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Honey in coconut blossom is a food that reduces diabetes.  Many flowers also contain pollen which helps in digestion.  After childbirth, it is common for women in Kerala to consume tonic made from coconut flowers.  The honey and pollen contained in the flower help in lowering cholesterol.  Iron and zinc are abundant in flowers.  Fatty acids are also very low.

Inflorescences can facilitate the functioning of the liver.  These flowers are also said to be a good remedy for stomach upsets.  For people with constipation, eating coconut flowers is good.  Honey from immature inflorescences can be added to any beverage to enjoy the benefits of coconut flowers.

It is very good to boil the young stem of the flower in coconut milk and eat it. Our forefathers knew very well that this kind of flower petals are good for uterine cleansing.  It is enough to eat flower petals to relieve back pain in pregnant women and others. If the baby does not get enough milk after delivery, eating flowers will make a difference.

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