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Gardening: Can We Grow Grapes In Garden? Read To Know the Answer

Though we may associate grapevines, and notably the practice of grape harvesting, with warmer nations and famous wine areas such as Champagne / Prosecco / Cava, they are not unusual to see them in India as well. If you want to grow grapes in your garden. Then read this article.

Ayushi Raina
Grapes in Garden
Grapes in Garden

Yes, though we may associate grapevines, and notably the practice of grape harvesting, with warmer nations and famous wine areas such as Champagne / Prosecco / Cava, they are not unusual to see them in India as well.

Whether you want that picturesque climbing vine that provides the perfect summer shade or you want to pick and enjoy your own grapes, there are numerous alternatives for great growing experiences even with the pretty variable weather we have here. 

On the commercial growing side, there are currently around 500 vineyards across the nation, each producing increasingly high-quality wines (mainly sparkling), many of which are located in southern counties. Across the country, there are innumerable grapevine fields with highly experienced winemakers producing medal-winning wines to choose from. 

When it comes to cultivating grapevines at home, we may be certain that we will have the same success as the professionals.  If we are only harvesting grapes, then certainly, we may grow grapes in our gardens if we follow some simple guidelines: 

Can I grow grape seeds?  

Yes, you can, and if you start by growing them indoors or in a greenhouse, there's no reason why you can't sow a grape seed and reap the benefits of your green finger labor. 

What grapevine varieties can I plant? 

Grapevines may be divided into two categories: 'wine grapes' and 'dessert grapes.' There are many varieties to choose from, that are white (light green) or black (extremely dark red), and it is advisable that you verify which one will fit your climate (place) the best. Many garden centers will stock grapevines so it is best to ask their advice for your location. 

Where to plant grapevines? 

The most preferred site is outdoors, which can be in huge pots or in the ground. Vine plants may also be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory. Plant them in well-drained soil and during the dormant months for the grapevine (October to March). Choose a site that is warm, sheltered, and gets plenty of sunshine - avoid windy areas. 

How to plant grapevines? 

They should already be around 30cm tall, with a stem at least the thickness of a pencil. The best months for planting are February and March.  

Place them in to the ground (preferably with all-purpose fertilizer) and be sure to unpack the roots before replenishing the soil. Build a support structure for the vines so that they can be trained. When planting multiple vines, leave 1 meter space between each. 

How to maintain grapevines? 

Like other plants, it is all about how you maintain them from watering to pruning. Though grapevines are known for being strong plants which thrive when challenged, they still require care and attention since they are also quite vulnerable. Some grapevines are known to live up to 100 years or more, although in most instances, they only last 25-35 years. Make sure to train your grapevine upwards at first, and then as desired from there (note that the more stems / leaves you have, the more energy the vine will have to transfer to them over your grapes).

Pruning is necessary as the vine grows to steer it in the desired direction (cutting undesired branches), and removing a percentage of the leaves will help focus attention / energy to growth. Water them at least once a week and especially during dry months. Keep an eye out for fungal diseases and insects, which will be most evident on the leaves and grapes. 

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