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Government Is Providing 50% Subsidy for Pearl Farming; Invest Rs 25000 & Earn Up To Rs 3 Lakh

You can start a business with only Rs 25000 and can earn up to Rs 3 Lakh per month? Interesting isn’t it? Read on to find how.

Sugandh Bhatnagar

Profitable Business Idea: Given the current inflation trends, it is quite evident that all of us will need a side business to support our livelihood in the coming future. Most of us are afraid to start our own venture because of the huge setup cost associated with it!  

However, what if we tell you that you can start a business with only Rs 25000 and can earn up to Rs 3 Lakh per month? Interesting isn’t it? Read on to find how. 

We are talking about the super Profitable Business of Pearl Farming. There have been numerous stories of success where people have taken up Pearl Farming and earned fortunes. Jitendra Kumar of Ghaziabad claims he earned lakhs of Rupees by investing only Rs 25000. 

50% Government Subsidy for Pearl farming 

Even Government provides subsidy of up to 50 percent. Considering the scope of pearl farming, the Department of Fisheries has included a sub-component for pearl culture in the Blue Revolution scheme for encouraging the sector. All the States / UTs were requested to promote the pearl farming in the States availing the financial assistance from the Department of Fisheries under the Blue Revolution scheme. Click to know more about the Pearl Farming subsidy 

Pearl farming requires a pond (from which pearls are made) which you can get dug at your own expense or you can take advantage of a 50 percent subsidy from the government.  

It is also advisable that one must take professional training at any of the institutes offering the pearl farming training course. CIFA is the most prominent among them. This will help you learn the correct technique to harvest the pearls.   

Pearl Farming: Cost Profit Analysis 

25,000 oysters can be put in a one-acre pond. The cost of setting up one Oyster is Rs 25000. Your investment for 1 acre pond may be up to Rs 8 lakh.

2 pearls are prepared in one oyster. A pearl can cost Rs 120. Whereas, if the quality is good, the pearl price can go up to Rs 200. Understand that if even 50 percent oysters in your pond turn out fine, then you can easily earn up to 30 – 35 lakh rupees annually by selling them. 

Source: News 18 

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