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10 Most Demanding & Profitable Business Ideas with Low-Cost To Start In 2022

In this article we have compiled a list of top 10 most demanding low cost business ideas to start in 2022. You can earn huge by investing less through these businesses. Dive into the article to know more about these businesses.

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Organic Farming Business
Organic Farming Business 2022

Most Demanding & Profitable Business Ideas 2022: Farmers can easily increase their income and profit by engaging in agricultural-related businesses. There are a variety of businesses in agriculture sector, where the costs are low but earnings are high. Investing in these businesses will definitely prove to be the best decision of your life. In this article, Krishi Jagran brings to you a list of low-cost business ideas through which you can make huge profits in 2022.  

Here is a list of 10 Business Ideas

  • Aloe Vera Cultivation Business

  • Production of Organic Manure

  • Fertilizer & Seed Store 

  • Organic Farming 

  • Cold Storage

  • Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs

  • Poultry Farming 

  • Livestock Farming

  • Spices Processing

  • Dairy Business

Aloe Vera Cultivation Business

You can start Aloe Vera's business in just 40 to 50 thousand rupees. Aloe vera is found to grow in hot humid and high rainfall conditions. It is grown in all kind of soils but well-drained soil with high organic matter is most suitable. It grows well in bright sunlight. Shady conditions result in disease infestation It is highly sensitive to water stagnation. For this, you just have to do a plantation in the field. Once planted, the crop will continue to be available for about 3 years. If you cultivate aloe vera on about 1 hectare of land, you can earn 9 to 10 lakh rupees in a year.

Production of Organic Manure

These days preparing vermicompost and organic fertilizer have become a domestic business. This business can be done in low capital investment all you need to have is a little awareness of its production process.

Fertilizer and Seed Store 

As we all know that a farmer always requires fertilizers & seeds, but this service is not available in every town. You can open a Fertilizer and Seed Store in your village or town, if you wish to start a new side business. You can also take advantage of a government subsidy for this. This is a low-cost business to establish.

Organic Farming

People nowadays choose to eat organic fruits and vegetables because their lifestyles have changed dramatically. People are willing to pay a hefty price for this. If you can start with half an acre, you may gradually increase the produce as demand grows.

Cold Storage 

Because there are no cold storage facilities in villages and cities, fruits and vegetables frequently deteriorate. Let me tell you that the expenses in this business are higher than others, but the rewards are even higher. Hence you can think of starting this business.

Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs

The cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs is yet another profitable agriculture business. If you have basic knowledge of medicinal plants and you have enough land, then you can earn good profits from its cultivation. At the same time, the government also offers subsidies for cultivating medicinal plants

Poultry Farming 

There are two methods to start this business. To begin with layer chicken, it must be raised for the production of eggs, whereas boiler chicken must be raised for the sale of chicken. It is vital to have some basic knowledge for this. But you can make huge profits with this.

Livestock Farming 

Livestock farming refers to any business, such as the sale of cows, buffaloes, goats, and poultry. You must purchase the animal at a reduced cost in this business. After that, it must be nurtured before being sold for a higher price. This is one of the most lucrative and best-performing business.

Spices Processing

The demand for organic spices is all over the world. Spices not only add flavor to our dishes, but it also increase the nutrition value as they contain good amount of nutrient value. Its processing and packaging process is not that difficult and it can be started with less capital investment.

Dairy Business

Animal husbandry is one of the most profitable businesses for farmers not only in India but across the globe. Moreover, the dairy business is considered to be an occupation where the probability of loss is extremely low.  This business can be done easily in the village. You can start this profitable business with 5 to 10 cows or buffaloes. Many people are doing a dairy farming business in the village. If this business is started on a large scale, farmers can get help from the government and non-governmental organizations as well. Moreover, you can earn a profit of about 1 to 2 lakh rupees from dairy farming.

Today, almost 40% - 50% of people are doing work from home, in this time starting you own business while comfortably sitting at home might benefit you in a big way. This is why we have compiled a list of 8 Profitable Online Business Ideas To Start In 2022 With Investment As Low As Rs 25,000 you can start with anyone of these 8 profitable business and earn huge profit! 

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