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Here is How These Cow Dung Businesses can Help You Earn Lakhs!

Thinking of a business that is both economical and financially rewarding is a tough task. Therefore, we help you by introducing you to a business idea which can help you earn millions with minimal hard work, which is a Cow-dung business. Cow dung related businesses business not only require minimal investment but can also ensure bumper profits!

Nikita Arya
Woman Engaged In Cow Dung Business
Woman Engaged In Cow Dung Business

Cow dung has been associated with a variety of beneficial properties in Indian Ayurveda. Cow dung was used on a daily basis in the early days, and it is still used in villages and rural areas today. More importantly, it is used as a fuel source for cooking food.



Here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can benefit from the cow dung business. Here are a few cow-dung related businesses that are highly profitable: 


Making Paper from Cow dung 

Not many people know that cow dung is also used for making paper. So, you can start a paper-making business if you are a cattle rearer. A recent example of paper-making business from cow dung has been recorded in Rajasthan.


Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute (KNHPI) in Rajasthan has created handmade papers by mixing cow dung with rag paper. The cost of establishing a paper-making plant could be between Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.25 lakh (approximately).  


This includes not only paper but also a carry bag. As we all know plastic bags are getting banned know in this situation paper carry bags are an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

Cow Dung Cakes
Cow Dung Cakes

Vegetable Dye from Cow Dung 


While paper-making only uses 7% of the cow dung, the remaining 93% can be used to make vegetable-based dye. Believe it or not, cow dung is one of the most natural, safe, and chemical-free methods to dye cotton. Mix cow dung with water in a large pot and put the cotton fabric in the mixture overnight to bleach the fabric.


Starting a vegetable dye business could be a profitable option in times when there is a wave of organic products spreading across the world. A vegetable dye or natural dye is better for the environment and that’s why it is being demanded from all across the world.  


Selling Cow dung 


Selling cow dung is a profitable business in itself. Cow dung can be sold at a rate of Rs.5 per kg. The government itself buys cow dung from the farmers at the rate of Rs 5 per kilogram for making paper and visible dyes. It can be a profitable deal for small farmers. By selling cow dung, small farmers can increase their monthly income.  

For your information, cow dung cakes are also traded. So if you are a cattle rearer and have more than 10 cows on your farm, then you can earn a substantial amount of profit.

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