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Hilsa Fish: What Makes It So Popular and Demanding

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Hilsa Fish

The Hilsa Fish, also known as Ilisha, is high in good quality fatty acids and Omega-3, which protect humans from coronary heart disease. The Hilsa fish is one of the few fish species with unusually delicate flesh. The Hilsa, which flourishes in the freshwaters of eastern India, has a rich flavor and a smooth yet oily texture.

Hilsa was abundant in the Bay of Bengal seas until a few years ago. As a result of overconsumption and growing demand, the population of Hilsa fish has fallen.

Increased demand is one of the main reasons for the rise in Hilsa fish prices. Coastal towns such as Goa, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu have lower Hilsa fish costs than places further inland.

The Hilsa Bengali cuts are perfect for curries, particularly classic Bengali dishes.

Health Benefits of Hilsa Fish

The Hilsa Fish can be found in Eastern India's freshwaters. Hilsa fish is flavorful and tender, yet it has an oily texture. Hilsa has a long list of health benefits. Here are a few examples:

- Protein-dense source

- Calcium is important for bone health.

- Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you.

- Prevents the development of coronary heart disease.

- Hilsa fish also nourishes your body with vitamins A and D.

- When you eat Hilsa fish, your skin will be healthy.

The price of Hilsa fish is usually high because it is well-known for its numerous health benefits as well as its soft, flavorful taste. It's one of the key reasons why it's so popular.

Is Hilsa a Freshwater Fish or a Saltwater Fish? Where can you find it?

Hilsa is, in fact, a freshwater fish. It's usually found in the Bay of Bengal waters. The Ilish, as it is often known, is a popular South Asian and Middle Eastern dish, particularly among Bengalis. It is Bangladesh's national fish. Bengali fish curry, cooked with mustard oil or seed, is a popular meal in Bengal. It is also quite popular in West Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, and Southern Gujarat in India.

Hilsa Fish Recipe 

Hilsa fish has a very distinctive flavour. You'll have a tasty Hilsa fish in no time using spices from the Indian kitchen and a terrific recipe. Few of the examples include Hilsa fish curry recipe and Bengali Hilsa fish recipe.

What Goes Well With Hilsa Fish?

Serve Hilsa Fish with Ghee rice, jeera rice, or even a hot paratha for a nutritious taste.

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