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How to cultivate Egg fruits?

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Professor Rajendra Kumar

This fruit is widely grown in Malaysia.  It is cultivated in the Western Ghats of India.  Eggplant is a tree that grows up to 30 m tall.

There are two types of egg fruits, one with three  seeds and another with 1 seed . The former is round and the latter is long. If cultivated, the crop will start yielding within four years.  Up to 400 fruits can be obtained from a single tree.  Generally, egg fruits are available in  Western Ghats in the month of July.

Egg cultivation is not seen as a source of income in India.  Eggplant cultivation is best done in sandy areas with less rainfall but good drainage.  It is a great blessing to the farmers that this tree will grow despite the barren soil.

Good yield is guaranteed if the seeds obtained from the egg fruit are washed and buried in moist soil with basal manure.  Once the seed germinates, it can be transferred to a polythene cover at the age when three leaves are grown.  Seedlings should be transplanted in the field only after at least six months.  Before planting, the soil should be well fertilized and mixed.

Cultivation should be done at the rate of 160 per hectare.  Initially water well.  25 kg of manure and compost can be given to the plants.  Occasional pruning of unwanted branches and twigs will help the plants to grow well and bear fruit.

Eggs contain niacin, fiber, carotene, ascorbic acid and iron.  Its pulp is often added to the new trend in beverages , namely, shake. This is such a fruit which can prevent anemia, can be said to be good for health.

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