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How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes Easily at Home

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato

Tomatoes are one of the most common vegetables used in Indian kitchens. Many people also prefer cherry tomatoes as a snack, in salads and sweet dishes. Although normally used as a vegetable, cherry tomatoes are officially a type of fruit as they come from flowers.

In this article, we will tell you the complete process of growing cherry tomatoes in your home garden. You can grow cherry tomatoes in a pot also. Let us proceed to know the whole process. 

Method of growing cherry tomatoes 

Follow the steps given below to grow cherry tomatoes at home;

Seed Selection 

To grow any crop, it is necessary to select good quality seeds, as if the seeds will be good, the yield will also be good and vice versa. So purchase good quality seeds for a cherry tomato from nearby nursery of seed-store. 

Prepare the Pot 

Usually, earthen pots are used in home gardening, and it is also suitable to grow cherry tomatoes. Add soil and fertilizer to prepare the pot to sow seeds in it. Then, sow the seeds in about 2-3 inches below the top layer of soil. You can use cow-dung fertilizer or homemade fertilizer, but do not use chemical fertilizer.  

Irrigation and Environment 

Add 1-2 mugs of water just after sowing the seeds. In summers, you can water it every day, around ½ to 1 mug of water will be sufficient. And try not to place plant under direct sunlight. And evening time is more suitable for irrigation.  

Pest & Weed Protection  

To protect your cherry tomato plant from pests, use a homemade Neemastra. And with time, wild grass can grow around the plant, remove it regularly otherwise it can damage your plant. 

Around two months after the plantation, cherry tomatoes start growing.  

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