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How to grow dragon fruit at your backyard

Dr. Sangeeta Soi
Dr. Sangeeta Soi

Wow!! What a nice fruit. Tasty and colorful, yes the latest fruit in market that can be easily grown at our backyard is the ‘dragon fruit’. Of course we all love to eat and enjoy it but why not from our own backyard. 

Steps for growing dragon fruit at backyard:

Many of you may know about the fruit but for those who don’t know, we would like to tell that dragon fruit comes in two types - red and white. Now follow the instructions given below to proceed with the process:

1. First dig a hole at your backyard which should be 2-3 feet in depth.

2. Then you need a PVC pipe of around 6-7 feet height or if not then a cemented pole can also work. Put the pipe into the hole standing erect and press the soil around.

3. Now take 3-4 small dragon fruit plants with roots and dig them all around the pole just beside it and tie them with the pole. 

4. On the top, put a tyreand fix it with an iron frame to the pole.

5. Water the plant every three days along with pruning at proper intervals. 

6. Fruits will appear after 9 months. Let them grow to fullest andhave a delicious treat. 

If you are planning to grow dragon fruit at your backyard then don’t wait anymore…just go ahead with your plan. Just follow the above given steps and enjoy the tasty fruit from your own garden.

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