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How to make organic pesticide easily at home

Papaya is a sweet fruit that can be seen in many places in India. It can be used as a pesticide for farmers with low cost. It can easily make at home without spending extra time.

Priyanka Menon
Spraying Pesticides
Spraying Pesticides

Papaya' is a fruit tree with sweet fruits along our way. This fruit tree is also known by various national names such as papaw or pawpaw, Kappanga etc. Under the leaves, the beautiful green fruits are very warm to the eyes.

Papaya, which is a storehouse of vitamin A, is important for many health benefits. It is also great for beauty care. Many of us are unaware of its other possibilities beyond its health benefits. Papaya is an excellent bio-pesticide that removes many pests from our vegetable gardens and gardens and accelerates plant growth.

Spraying papaya on the plants eliminates all the pests like white spots, aphids, snails, and ants on the leaves and also cures many problems like leaf blight, plant blight, leaf curling, and rot.

You can make this excellent bio-pesticide at home which gives more benefits at no cost.

Method to make an organic pesticide at home

Here are some suggestions on how to make the pesticide for one-day use.

Only fresh leaves should be selected for the preparation of this pesticide. Finely chop one large papaya leaf or four small papaya leaves, then add the chopped leaves to one and a half glasses of water and let soak for twelve hours. Be sure to add four finely chopped garlic cloves to it.

After twelve hours, mix it with water or squeeze the juice well by hand. Care should be taken to take a glass of papaya extract through a sieve or cloth. This mixture can be prepared by adding a glass of porridge water and a glass of pure water.

Bottle this mixture and spray it on any infected or infested plant. Do this practice only once a week and you will see the benefits for yourself. Do not apply it on plants on rainy days. It is best to apply it in the morning on hot days to get results.

This biological pesticide is an excellent remedy for pests like aphids and whiteflies found in peas, Tomato leaf turning yellow, eggplant blight infestation, many organic pests found in flowering buds. See the results of making this organic pesticide at home today without spending extra time!

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