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Hydroponic Farming: 5 High-Value Commercial Flowers to Grow Hydroponically

Hydroponic farming is getting more popular and profitable day by day. You can also practice hydroponics and make good returns from growing these commercial flowers.

Kritika Madhukar

The hydroponic system produces larger yields and faster than conventional gardening. Flowers are included in this as well. Researchers suggest that using hydroponics for growing plant increases the typical yields that accounts for 2 and 5 times higher than soil cultivation.

You can also grow different flowers hydroponically and get handsome returns. 

Enlisted are some beautiful flowers for you to grow hydroponically.


Orchids come in a wide variety of forms and colors, and there are around 20,000 and 30,000 varieties to pick from, making each house or office unique. Most orchids are epiphytes, meaning they have roots that grow in the air rather than on the ground. They also prefer high humidity levels, and their root system takes nutrients directly from the air.


Gerbera flowers, which are members of the Asteraceae family and resemble exotic daisies, survive for weeks.

The gerbera flower is native to tropical regions around the world and comes in a wide spectrum of colors, from white to dark purple as well as yellow, pink, orange, and red. If you enjoy the contrast, you can also select flowers in two different colors. 


Carnation plants are some of the longest cut flower blossoms, making them ideal for an indoor hydroponics system. Dwarf carnations, sweet william, dianthus superstar, and more types and species of carnations exist.


Iris, with its characteristic three-flower inflorescence, is one of the most adaptive plants. Some of the species of Iris such as Iris Variegata and Iris tectorum, can grow even in tough clay, water ponds, and muddy swamps.


Freesia is another bulbous flower that may easily be grown in your hydroponic garden and has one of the most attractive and unique sweet smells of all the flowers. Freesia flowers in white, yellow, purple, orange, or red can be grown hydroponically. 

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