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Know how Cabbages can be used as a Decorative Item

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair
Ornamental Cabbages

Not only plants and flowers but also cabbage can be used for decoration. Flowering cabbage is a special type of cabbage grown for garden and food decoration. Unlike cabbage leaves, which have pink, purple, red and white leaves in the shape of a rose in the centre, different types of cabbage are used for decoration. This cabbage is edible but bitter.

Usually, this cabbage is used to decorate foods. If you want to eat olive oil, you may have to soften it. When grown in the garden, it can be grown with plants that can survive the winter. It grows in winter like petunia and marigold. The broad and flat leaves of this cabbage have a bright colour.

The colour of the cabbage also changes as the weather changes. Discolouration can be seen below 10 ° C. There are advantages to growing at temperatures below about 5 °F. It is the type of seed that can be grown. The time to cultivate is from mid-afternoon to the onset of the rainy season.

Sunlight is also needed for germination of seeds. Therefore, when sowing, do not cover the soil with soil. The seeds germinate at temperatures ranging from 18 ° C to 21 ° C. Seedlings will grow in six days. Keep cool while growing. Fertilizer can be applied three weeks after planting. Water-soluble organic manures can be diluted and poured.

Select the appropriate cabbage of the right colour and size for the growing area. This variety of cabbage is just as dangerous as the pests that attack common cabbage cultivars. If this is noticed, biological control measures should be taken. Neem can be used to control leafhopper infestation. Pseudomonas solution can be sprayed at 2 per cent strength every two weeks to protect the plants from rot.

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