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Know how to grow Currant Tomatoes in Your Backyard

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

Currant tomato (Spoon Tomato) is the smallest tomato in the world. As the name implies, this is a bunch of tomatoes hanging like Currants‌. It grows abundantly in cold climates.

Currant tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae family. Its scientific name is Solanum pimpinellifolium. This crop can be grown as a vegetable and ornamental plant. Many varieties of yellow and red are cultivated commercially in foreign countries. In Kerala, its cultivation is less. It gradually gets cultivated in the high ranges. This crop is used for research purposes.

How to cultivate

Cultivation methods are the same as for normal tomatoes. Seedlings can be prepared and transplanted to farms or grow bags. Organic manure or compost should be applied once a week. Watering should be done in summer. When it starts to spread, it should be stopped by tying a rope or placing a frame. Properly covered, it will withstand plenty of adverse conditions. The plant can be grown in backyards, backyards and terraces. Diseases and pests are generally low for this crop.


Contains many nutrients such as Vitamin A and C. Due to its high content of anti-oxidants, it destroys cancer cells.


Used in salads, curries and pickles. The fruits are dried and used in many dishes.

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