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KumKum Bhindi: The Super Profitable Crop Has Endless Nutritional Benefits

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Sugandh Bhatnagar
Red Lady Finger

The Kumkum Bhindi or the Red Ladyfinger is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and rightly so!  This new variety of ladyfinger is more nutritious and has more health benefits than the green one. It is a wonder crop that is being cultivated in Uttar Pradesh. It is thought to have a lot of potential to double the farmers’ income. 

What’s So Special About Kumkum Bhindi? 

According to experts, Kumkum Bhindi has 94 % polyunsaturated fat which reduces bad cholesterol. It also has a solid 66 % sodium content and is helpful in controlling high blood pressure, while its 21 % iron content helps those with Anemia & not just that 5% amount of protein keeps the body’s metabolic system in order. 

According to Bijendra Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Acharya Narendra Dev University of Agriculture & Technology said this red variety of ladyfinger contains Anthocyanins and Phenolics that increase its nutritional content. It also contains Crude fibre along with large amount of Vitamin B Complex. which controls sugar.  

When is the Right Time to sow This Red Ladyfinger? 

 The ideal time to sow red ladyfinger is from February to the second week of April. It can also be in November. The farmers are embracing new agricultural innovations taking inspiration from the Prime Minister and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.  

Price of Kumkum Bhindi: 

In the wholesale market, the price of Green Ladyfinger ranges between Rs 12 to 15 per Kg, while the Red Ladyfinger is sold at the rate of Rs 45 to Rs 80 per Kg since people are looking at it like a super-food. 

Where to buy the Kumkum Bhindi Seeds? 

The seeds of this variety of Ladyfinger are easily available online. Some of the websites are listed below: 

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