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Mushroom Farming Business: Procedure & Training

A mushroom is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus. Many people confuse it as a vegetable. But mushroom is not a vegetable, some species of mushrooms are edible and are grown and eaten worldwide. Cultivation of mushroom and other fungi is generally called fungiculture.

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Mushroom Farming
Mushroom Farming

A mushroom is a fungus' fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body. Many people confuse it as a vegetable.  Although a mushroom is not a vegetable, several species are edible and are farmed and consumed all over the world. Fungi culture refers to the cultivation of mushrooms and other fungi.

Mushroom cultivation is not difficult; all that is required is a proper environment with the right combination of humidity and temperature.

In India, mostly these three kinds of mushrooms are grown-

Mushroom Farming in India

Mushroom farming is becoming popular these days in India and is actually the most productive and profitable business.

Mushroom farming is a six-step process which has been mentioned below:

Compost Preparation

This is the first step in mushroom farming, and it is often done outside in a shaded building. A concrete slab, compost turner, compost components, and cart are used to compost.

Finishing the compost

This step includes pasteurization to kill unwanted bacteria, insects, pests, fungi, nematodes or any other issues.


Spawning, which is similar to the seedling stage in agriculture, entails uniformly putting mushroom spawn on the tray, ergonomically distributing it, and covering it with a thin coating of compost.


It's a layer of peat moss and ground limestone that's placed to the spawn-run compost (constituents: field soil clay-loan, a mixture of peat moss and ground limestone) on which the mushrooms grow slowly and steadily.


Once the mycelium starts growing onto the surface of soil cooling down is done. After 5-6 days of cooling down, the fluffy mycelium starts to contract resulting in the formation of a pin.


This is the final and the most important step.

Mushroom Cultivation Training

Other than these, there are many private institutions that provide mushroom cultivation training.

Here is the complete guide for mushroom cultivation.

How to Start Mushroom Farming Business?

Mushroom farming is a low-risk business with a high-profit margin. If you're interested in starting your own mushroom growing business, here are some helpful suggestions.

  • Depending on the size of your firm, you'll need between 100 and 500 square feet of space, and your investment will be based on that.

  • Make sure you know who your target clients are before you start your mushroom-growing business. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, pharmaceutical companies, retail stores, supermarkets, and other businesses can be your customers.

  • After deciding on your target customers, you can plan the business model as per the requirements of your customers.

  • And the last thing you have to focus on is the required machinery & manpower, it depends on your business size.

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