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Now Set up Your Own Vertical Garden Using Plastic Bottles; Know How

As the world is suffering from limited space left for cultivating agricultural products, Vertical gardens are now becoming a popular concept. Here is a complete guide to setting up a sustainable vertical garden with plastic bottles.

Shivani Meena
Horizontal Planter
Horizontal Planter

Building a garden is one of the most fulfilling hobbies of all time, especially when done using used materials. There are several methods to put the plastic bottles laying about to great use. Converting them into planters to make a vertical garden is a cheap and environmentally beneficial concept.

"This strategy is ideal for those who don't have enough room in their home to garden." Also, if you've never worked on a farm before, start with these bottles rather than expensive pots."

Here are some planter ideas for you to make your vertical garden.

Cut-the-bottom planter

Take one or two-liter bottles, leaving the caps on. Turn them upside down and carefully cut off the bottom section. To finish the procedure of producing a planter, drill three or four holes in the top.

Hand it out in a well-lit area using a rope. Repeat the process with three or four more bottles, this time vertically. Add potting soil and plants as needed.

Plants such as capsicum, tomato, brinjal, and chili may be easily cultivated in two-liter bottles.

Two from one planter

Cut the bottle in half in the center to produce two planters. Make holes in the lid and bottom by turning them upside down. Tie ropes together and hang them anyplace.

Small succulents and spider plants can be planted in them. Coriander and mint leaves can also be cultivated in a vegetable garden.

Horizontal planter

This is the simplest and most appealing way of creating a planter. Place the bottle horizontally and cut it down the center so that we can easily insert potting mix and plants. Then drill four holes around it to allow it to be hung anywhere.

Herbs and flowers can be planted in this sort of planter. Place three or four of them on a rope to make the most of the limited space.

Use any or all of the strategies listed above to develop a beautiful and lush garden within your house. Once the planters are completed, paint them to make them more colorful.

Add potting soil and grow plants of your choice. This technique is appropriate for floral plants, vegetables, and herbs. Don't forget to water them regularly.

Now go get some old plastic bottles and let your imagination go wild.

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