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Polyhouse Farming: Major points to note before setting up your polyhouse!!

Article provides info on what a polyhouse can be utilized for, Cost associated with setting up a polyhouse and important points to note before setting up of a polyhouse.

Chintu Das
Poly House Farming
Polyhouse farming

Polyhouse is a house or a structure that is made of translucent material like glass or polyethylene where the plants grow and develop under controlled climatic conditions. Today farmers are making huge profit from polyhouse farming.

Today in this article we will talk about some important points that you must know before setting up a polyhouse.

Polyhouse farming is utilized principally for the below purposes:  

- Raising seedlings up in the nurseries.  

- Raising of exotic vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, watermelon, summer squash, and so on.  

- Raising of vegetable harvests like Capsicum, Tomato, Cucumber, Brinjal, Cabbage.  

- Bringing plants up in poly houses for cross breed seed creation of flowers. 

- Raising plants for cut flower creation.  

- Raising pruned and potted ornamental plants. 

Overall cost can be estimated over the following points: 

- Acquisition of Land 

- Acquisition of materials for polyhouse construction 

- Acquisition of planting materials 

- Acquisition of Irrigation facility 

- Acquisition of Fertilization system 

- Acquisition of separate grading and packing room 

- Acquisition of refrigerated van for transporting 

- Acquisition of office equipment 

- Import of technology 

- Labor charges 

- Technical manpower 

- Pesticides, Fertilizers, preservatives 

Significant Points to be noted:  

- The farmer gets numerous subsidies and specialized technical help from the government of India, state government, local training centers, and so forth with respect to playhouse cultivation.  

- One needs to set up a crop-specific 'project report' of polyhouse cultivation prior to raising a playhouse. This report should cover all the specialized technical, monetary, and marketing parts of the project.  

- You can refer to model projects from the farming and agriculture department, agri banks and financial establishments like NABARD.  

- The project report is fundamental to record in getting bank credits and subsidies.  

- An thorough technical knowledge, monetary analysis, and marketing survey should be done prior to proceeding with the project. 

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