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Profitable Flower Cultivation: Earn Huge Profits by Growing Orchids; Important Tips Inside

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Important tips to grow orchids
Beautiful Orchids

Orchids are known for their elegance and royal beauty. Orchids have some unique features as compared to other flowers. They have different reproduction strategy - instead of producing few seeds and enough nutrient tissue (for germinating seedlings), Orchids produce thousands of seeds per pod. These seeds get distributed by wind over a wide area, but only few of them grow. One more important feature about Orchids is that they are mostly monosymmetrical in shape.  

In spite of being the largest family of flowering plants, these exotic beauties are not so easy to grow. Here are some exceptional tips that no one will tell you.  

How to Start? 

Before starting your Orchid flower nursery, it would be a good idea to visit Orchid growers or maybe think about joining Orchid growing society. Start with the easiest growing Orchid hybrids, you can choose the Phalaenopsis hybrid. With the experience and improvement in your skills, you can choose another hybrid. By the time, increase the production, you can use seedlings instead of seeds. This will help you to meet the market’s demand. And forget not, patience is the key. Younger plants will take some time to bloom and become mature.  

Orchids won’t grow in Soil 

Strange? But it’s the fact. Orchids are epiphytes, plants that grow on another plant. So, they require a unique potting mix. Orchid potting mix is prepared with several chunky ingredients. It includes pine bark, charcoal, wood chips, bark, and Styrofoam. Once planted, taking care of Orchids is quite easy. In summers, water it heavily in 7-10 days. And in winters, water is once a month. To retain moisture, you can spray water on it.  

No need for bigger pots 

Orchids don’t need too much space, they like tight spaces. Make sure you don’t repot your Orchid until the roots have grown through the holes or are dangling in the air. Also, it is important to note that if you have purchased the blooming Orchid plant, don’t repot it. You can repot it after the blooming season.  

Generate more profit with best varieties

There are around 27000 species of Orchids, making it the most known flowering plant group in the world. But it doesn’t mean you can choose any of them. If you are growing Orchids as a hobby, then you can do the experimenting. But if you are growing Orchids to make good profits, then you must go for proper research that which species of Orchids can be grown successfully in your region, and which species are having a good history of adaption in your region. And then wisely select the species you should grow.  

Other than these tips, keep a check on your Orchids if they are suffering from any disease or insects. And if you are giving proper light, temperature, and environment to your plant but still it’s not blooming, then you should repot it. And Orchids mostly require fertilization in summers only. You can feed them with liquid fertilizer regularly 

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