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Profitable Mustard Farming Business Idea: Method, Cost and Profit Details Inside

Shivam Dwivedi
Shivam Dwivedi
Mustard Farming

If you do Mustard Farming, then you can make huge profits. As we know, prices of edible oil have increased significantly during the Corona period. Even though people are suffering a lot due to these rising prices, but farmers have a great opportunity to earn big money. 

Farmers can earn good profits by cultivating mustard. Let us know how to increase your earnings and profits manifold by Mustard Farming. If you do marketing of mustard a little differently, then you can earn about 5 times more than the cost.

When and how is Mustard Cultivated?

  • The right time for mustard cultivation is from September to mid-October. Some farmers sow mustard till the end of October. A temperature of 15-30 degrees is considered suitable for this. Mustard cultivation can also be done by spraying method and can also be done by making beds. 

  • Sowing by making beds increases production slightly, but even today 80-90 percent of the farmers of the country cultivate mustard by spraying method. Mustard does not require a lot of water and its crop is ready in about 120 days.

How much Cost and Profit?

  • Mustard cultivation in one hectare gives an average yield of up to 25 quintals, provided you choose improved varieties of seeds. About 5 kg of a mustard seed can be planted in one hectare. If we talk about the cost, then about 30-35 thousand rupees are spent in one hectare. 

  • At the same time, mustard is being sold at the rate of about 7 thousand rupees per quintal. That is, by cultivating mustard in one hectare, you will earn Rs 1.75 lakh. After deducting the cost, you will make a profit of up to Rs 1.4 lakh.

How to Increase your Earning:

  • At present, mustard oil is being sold in the market for Rs 180-200 a liter, that too with a mixture. If you sell pure mustard oil at the rate of Rs 200 per liter, then all your oil will be sold out by hand. From 1 quintal of mustard, 35-40 liters of oil is released and about 60 kg of oil cake comes out. That is, from 25 quintals of mustard, you will get about 1000 liters of oil and about 1500 kg of oil cake. Your oil will be sold comfortably for Rs 2 lakh per liter of Rs 200.

  • At the same time, 1500 kg cake will be sold for about Rs 37 thousand at the rate of Rs 25. Your mustard crushing, transportation, extra labor expenses, etc. will be removed from the cake. If possible, 10-15 thousand rupees should be saved out of that too. Assuming that all the money received from the cake is spent on all costs, you will still have a net profit of Rs 2 lakh.

Pure mustard oil is not readily available in the market and in such a situation, once your customer has been made, he can always buy oil from you, provided you never compromise on quality. In this way, you can earn 5 times i.e. 2 lakh rupees from mustard grown at a cost of 40 thousand.

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