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Mustard Mission: Increased Interest of Farmers in Mustard Cultivation brings Excellent Yield

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Mustard Farming
Mustard Farming

According to the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers of the country have shown huge interest in mustard farming. And, on the behalf of Government, a mission has been done in this direction, named as Mustard Mission.

About Mustard Mission

Mustard Mission was started to increase the mustard yield. And as per the expectations, this mission has proved to be effective in increasing mustard cultivation this year. Mustard is one of the major oilseed crops of the Rabi season. Asper the government official, the production of mustard can be expected up to 120 lakh tonnes this year, which was used to be around 90 lakh tonnes in general.

The second advance estimate of the current crop year 2020-21 (July-June) has not been released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare yet. But, the Agricultural Ministry officials say that this time farmers of the country are very interested in mustard farming. 

The use of mustard seeds of high quality can use increase the yield of mustard per hectare from 20% to 100%, said an official. The official also added that under the Mustard Mission, the emphasis has been laid on mustard cultivation in 368 districts of 11 major mustard growing states of the country.

Increased Yield is Expected in the Current Crop Year

Director of Mustard Research Directorate based in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Dr. P. K. Rai said that the area of mustard cultivation has increased and because of favorable weather conditions, the increased yield is also expected up to 110 to 120 lakh tonnes this year.

As per the information from Ministry and their data, mustard sowing has been done in around 74 lakh hectares across the country in the current crop year, which is 7% more than that of the last year. According to the data of the Union Agriculture Ministry, the previous year’s i.e., crop year 2019-20 mustard yield was 91-16 lakh tonnes, and was 92.56 lakh tonnes in the crop year 2018-19.

Import from Other Countries

India is not yet self-sufficient in case of oil-seeds, and imports around 70% percent of its edible oil needs, including palm oil as the highest import.  At present, Rajasthan alone produces 40.82% of the total mustard in India, as the highest mustard production state.

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