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Top 10 Flowering Plants for Home Garden

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh

February is the season of flowers. Here is a list of top 10 flowering plants that you can easily grow in your home garden, even in a small space like balcony.  

1. Rose

Rose (“gulab” in Hindi) is the top choice when it comes to decorating your garden with an ornamental plant. Do you know there are 100 species of roses in the world? Choose one that suits your climate and location. Know how to have healthy rose cultivation 

2. Marigold 

Marigold (“gainda” in Hindi) is an annual plant. It usually blooms during October-November. This is a holy flower, used in “pujas” and other auspicious occasions. Its colors (orange and yellow) are eye-catching, warm, and vibrant. Some varieties feature mix of colors like orange and rusty brown. Read this guide to grow marigold. 


3. Jasmine

Jasmine (“mogra” in Hindi) is famous for its enchanting sweet fragrance. It is a common ornamental plant and can fill your home garden with a mesmerizing aroma.  

4. East India Rosebay

East India Rosebay (“Chandni” in Hindi) is a native shrub of India. The plant possesses medicinal properties and can be found as one of the ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines. Its pure white flowers can give your garden a beautiful appeal.  

East India Rosebay

5. Hibiscus 

Hibiscus (“Gudhal” in Hindi) is one of the commonest flowering plants you can see in home gardens and public gardens. Hibiscus flowers have medicinal value. They are used in herbal medicines and herbal cosmetics. Flowers in dried form are edible. Besides, the beauty of the flowers is mesmerizing. It’s good to have hibiscus plant in home garden. Know about hibiscus flower


6. Rose Periwinkle 

Rose Periwinkle (“sada bahar” in Hindi) is a plant that flowers all 12 months of the year. That’s why it is called “sada bahar” in Hindi. It means “always flowering.” This plant has medicinal value. The flowers are small in size and come in lovely pink and white colors.  

Rose Periwinkle

7. Dahlia

Dahlia (also called by the same name in Hindi) is a gorgeous flowering plant. Its cut flowers look wonderful in vases. This plant belongs to the same family of daisy, sunflower, and chrysanthemum.  


8. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (“sevanti” in Hindi) is a common flowering plant, native to the Asian continent. It is a wonderful winter plant, with equally wonderful flowers.  


9. Daisy

Daisy (“gulabhaar” in Hindi) is usually found in the Himalayan slopes. The plant features tiny white and yellow flowers, which are quite appealing. They can easily add to the beauty of your home garden.  


10. Sunflower

Sunflower (“surajmukhi” in Hindi) is high in attractiveness, with its bright yellow flowers providing a sense of happiness and energy to the viewer. This plant can instantly add vibrance and attractiveness to your home garden. And if you have planted sunflower at home, you can easily make some sunflower coffee? 

The above plants are a must-have in a home garden to make it look breath takingly beautiful. Don’t worry if you have a small garden. Know how to make small garden look big 

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