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How to Make Small Home Garden Look Big? 10 Smart Ideas

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
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Do you have less space in your garden? Does your garden appear cluttered and unattractive? Don’t be disheartened. Here are a few smart ideas that will make your small garden look neat and big and, of course, attractive. 

Tips to Make your Garden Look Big & Beautiful:

1. Do Clever Layout:

Small spaces need a clever layout. For example, you could place a small coffee table and a chair in the garden. Create winding paths to add an element of drama. Avoid designing a straight and simple layout. It will make your garden space appear what it is – small. You want to make it look bigger. Create illusions.  

2. Create Vertical Spaces:

Vertical spaces create an illusion. Besides, vertical gardens catch the eye. So, when you add vertical spaces, you not only create a roomy appearance but also increase the aesthetics of your garden. You can easily grow veggies, herbs, or succulents on a vertical planter, shelf, or rack against the wall. Ensure the plants are miniature for a neat look.

3. Use Containers, Grow Slender Plants:

Drop your plan of ground beds. Use containers. Also, instead of using plants that spread horizontally, choose plants that grow tall or vertically. Make sure they are evergreen ones. To create interest, keep plants with various textures in containers, instead of similar plants.  

4. Use White or Light Shades on Walls:

Light shades create an illusion of space. They also bring out the greenery of your plants, by creating the perfect contrast. Besides, white and light shades are soothing to the eyes. They encourage peace. 

5. Arrange Plants Intelligently:

How you place the plants affects how your garden appears – big or small. Change the arrangement and you change the look. Keep taller plants near the border. Keep shorter plants just near them.  

6. Add Drama to Your Garden:

Add some drama to your garden. This will deviate a viewer from how small or big a space is. They will focus on the drama instead. How about dividing your garden into zones? For example, as mentioned earlier, you can create a small tea or coffee space. Add a small water element like a fountain.  

Use your small garden space intelligently

7. Use whatever space you have:

Is there a window facing your garden? If yes, make use of the window sill. Keep miniature potted plants. Hang plants on both sides of the window. Use the area around your window.  

Is there a pillar post in your garden? Hang pots and climbers there. If there is a gate, keep potted plants on both sides of the gate.  

8. Cover Garden Boundary with Creepers:

Let creepers and climbers cover the boundary of your garden. Why not plant climber rose? It will not only cover the wall and broaden the space, but also increase the beauty of your garden thanks to the lovely rose blooms. You can also grow pothos and money plants on walls. 

9. Choose wider tiles or boards:

Flooring can also impact how big or small a space looks. Use 5-6 inches wide boards or planks or big tiles for the floor. If you are keeping it a more natural garden with no flooring, create a cobbled path or tiled path that goes from one point to another.  

10. Leave some room to walk in the garden:

One of the secrets to creating space is to leave some space! Do not clutter your garden with too many pots. Add plants cleverly so that you have a wider variety, yet have space to walk around too. Create striking points in your garden so that the viewer’s interest is captured. They will be so busy admiring your garden that they hardly have time to realize its size!  

Last but not the least, how about creating a small bird bath in your garden? You will love the chirping birds and will have company while you sip the morning tea. If you have a pet, create a small space for him/her too.  

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